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‘The Boys’ Season 4: Episodes 1-3 Breakdown

The release of the fourth season of Prime Video’s hit series, The Boys, is a lot to take in. That’s why we will be breaking down the season episode by episode and pointing out any details you may have missed. Enter below for in-depth breakdowns of the first three episodes of The Boys Season 4, which are now streaming on Prime Video. 

Episode 4×1 – “Department of Dirty Tricks”

‘The Boys’ Season 4: Episodes 1-3 Breakdown
The Boys Season 4 / Image Courtesy of Prime Video

The first episode of the season, titled “Department of Dirty Tricks”, opens with the song “God Save The Queen” by the Sex Pistols, playing over Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit) attending a political event. At the event she announces some progress Singer (Jim Beaver) has made at the polls. 

Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara) then enters the screen at the back of the rally in waiter attire while pushing a trolley. She makes her way outside and is met with MM (Laz Alonso) in the back of a van in an alleyway. Frenchie (Tomer Capone) is in the van too and translates for Kimiko that MM should eat the puffs she brought. He cheekily replies that if they pull “this” off he will eat all of them no question. 

We get a short montage of Frenchie interacting with a steel bottle that is steaming, utilizing pipettes and syringes, creating a dangerous cocktail. Meanwhile, Hughie (Jack Quaid) and Starlight (Erin Moriarty) are wiring some cameras into the van so MM can see what’s happening from the ground. When MM signals to Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) if he copies or not, he is met to no avail. 

In a new scene, Butcher is vomiting behind a dumpster in a nearby alleyway. This is a direct effect of his usage of V24 during the prior season in an attempt to bring down the Supes. The drug abuse left him with a Compound V-accelerated brain tumor. He says to a wall that he is fine before downing another swig of alcohol. Frenchie and Kimiko then find an entrance to the building that Neuman is in and are let in by CIA agents posing as security. 

The Boys Season 4 / Image Courtesy of Prime Video

Butcher is evidently being reckless, not sticking to the plan that the others are and in doing so, risking the mission being compromised. Homelander (Antony Starr) is beginning to show signs of aging, thus bringing the antagonist to a point where he begins to fear his mortality. He then meets up with his son Ryan at an after-party of the conference Neuman held. Right off the bat, you can tell Homelander is manipulating Ryan to be as emotionless as he is. 

The Boys find out that Homelander is there, something that they were not expecting and due to Butcher’s relationship with Ryan, something that they did NOT want to happen. Homelander threatens Neuman and reveals he is currently on trial for the murder of the protestor from the end of the show’s third season. As this is occurring, Butcher sees Ryan and goes to talk to him. Homelander catches on and walks Ryan out, exclaiming that he does not want to miss Smash Mouth. Suitably, the song “Walkin’ On The Sun” begins playing. 

The two CIA agents, Kimiko and Frenchie arrive at Neuman’s room and begin to swap out her eye drops with their prepared acid. Zoe, Neuman’s secretly suped-up daughter, bursts into the room and promptly kills the two CIA agents and maims Kimiko (who quickly regenerates). The two remaining heroes escape the building by jumping out of a window five stories up, with Frenchie managing to survive with the assistance of Starlight. 

With Hughie now the last person in the van, Neuman arrives there and confronts him. While the two are talking, Hughie sneakily makes some more acid and then splashes the acid on her face only to find out it does not work. This is when Neuman threatens Hughie with mutually assured destruction, while also saying she is unable to kill him without damaging her reputation. 

The Boys Season 4 / Image Courtesy of Prime Video

Butcher shows back up and puts a bullet into Victoria’s head, only to find out she is also bulletproof. The Boys retreat following an unsuccessful night and the next day Butcher and MM travel to a CIA site to talk to Mallory and Singer, the latter forming a partnership with the vigilante team to ensure the downfall of Neuman. Mallory, still angry with Butcher following how he handled Ryan, refuses to let him in on the meeting and MM is left to handle the situation alone. Elsewhere, Butcher sitting in a waiting room is met with Joe Kessler (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), one of Billy’s old war buddies and now a CIA agent. 

MM’s ex-wife Monique goes over to his house and details some trouble their daughter Janine is going through, following Monique’s now ex-boyfriend Todd being kicked from the family. Monique left Todd due to his dedication of beliefs towards Homelander and Vought and now she wants MM to find him and bring him back to make Janine less upset. MM agrees to the request and uses his CIA capabilities to track him down. 

Homelander is having some attachment issues, having visions and nightmares of the past events of the show and his childhood. He then attends a hearing for his trial for the murder of the unnamed anti-fascist protestor, with a look on his face that says he is indifferent towards the trial and that he is thinking of other things. It then flashes through some tiring events for him, including the slow reconstruction of Vought Tower following the events of S3 and the rise of Starlight’s aptly named supporters… Starlighters. 

At a meeting of the no longer-Seven, Ashley presents some new options for replacements of Starlight and Maeve, to bring their dwindling four back closer to seven. She details a list of 25 Vought heroes (which we will break down in another article) but lists a few specifically including Talon, Hyperion, Dogknott, Wrangler and Sister Sage. During this, Homelander gets fed up with his surrounding colleagues and their sheep-like attitude to anything he says and asks The Deep to perform a lewd act on A-Train before calling them off proving his point. 

The Boys Season 2 / Image Courtesy of Prime Video

Starlight is training to use her powers to fly for short periods of time and Hughie hangs up on his father (played by Simon Pegg) while they continue to do so. It’s also made clear that nobody on the team wants Butcher as part of it, outside of Hughie. Butcher meets with Neuman and strikes a deal with her saying he will steal the evidence The Boys have on her if she helps get Ryan away from Homelander, which he does later steal the data. It is then revealed that Hughie’s father had a stroke, and Hughie was not there in his time of need. 

It is revealed that Frenchie has entered into a romantic relationship with one of the Starlighter employees at the Starlight Foundation, Colin. While this is occurring, Homelander is increasingly becoming more wary of his mortality and travels to the apartment of Sister Sage in Detroit. Sage is the smartest person on the planet and Homelander wants her help to enact some of his plans for Starlighters and The Seven. 

MM, Kimiko and Frenchie find Todd, who has met up with Sister Sage and another man. While on the way to witness this meeting, Kimiko says she is happy for Frenchie and his relationship with Colin, while also ensuring that she does not love him in a romantic way. Now following Todd and the other man, we see that they are given the opportunity to meet Homelander, The Deep, A-Train and Black Noir. The twist is that Homelander and Sage order the three other heroes to kill Todd and the unnamed other man. Black Noir, or rather the replacement of the real Black Noir, talks following the event too.

The Boys Season 4 / Image Courtesy of Prime Video

Meanwhile, Homelander travels to the courtroom and is prepared to be given the verdict for his trial, while a mass of protestors for and against Homelander gather outside. Homelander is then exonerated from the charge based on self-defense and then walks outside. Walking amongst the Starlighters, Sister Sage throws a coffee at a Homelander supporter and calls him a fascist, igniting a riot. A-Train then moves the two dead bodies of Todd and the other man amongst the riot and frames Starlighters for their deaths. Colin finds himself in the riot and Frenchie jumps in to save him. 

Ryan confesses that he is upset Butcher is dying and Homelander, lacking empathy/consumed by hatred obviously does not relate. Meanwhile, it is revealed that the Deep has been divorced between seasons and is now having a secret sexual relationship with the octopus Ambrosius voiced by special cameo Tilda Swinton (The Killer, Doctor Strange). Hughie, while sitting beside his father who is in a coma, is surprised as his mother, who abandoned him in childhood, returns. 

Episode 4×2 –  “Life Among the Septics”

The Boys Season 4 / Image Courtesy of Prime Video

The second episode of the series, “Life Among the Septics”, starts with the song “Hypnotize” by Notorious B.I.G. and we see a drug deal take place with A-Train in the center of it. In a cameo, Will Ferrell enters the frame and it is revealed that the events are part of the filming of a new film, Training A-Train. A-Train displays discontent regarding the content of the movie, considering his brother coached him. Soon after, Noir confronts A-Train about the murder in the protest of the previous day where Sage framed the Starlighters. A-Train brushes him off and tells him to shut up and do his job. 

While tending to Hughie Sr., who is still unconscious and in hospital, Hughie Jr. finds out that his mother works for Vought and he informs her that he is at odds with the company which she quietly shrugs off. Hughie argues with her due to her leaving their family unannounced when he was six, and she reveals that she is only there because Hughie wasn’t and that she has the power of attorney over Hughie’s father. 

While at Colin’s place after a night together, Frenchie quietly attempts to leave but is surprised when Colin wakes up. Colin thanks Frenchie for saving him and the two hug before Frenchie gets a message and quickly leaves for his destination. Kimiko is taking therapy regarding her inability to speak, and when asked about her parents, she breaks the arm of the chair she’s clutching by mistake and is kicked out. Meanwhile, Butcher reveals to the rest of The Boys that he is dying as a result of his Temp V usage. MM takes Butcher out of the room and tells him that he’s fired from The Boys due to withholding important secrets. 

In a new scene, the Vought marketing team reveals to Ryan his super-suit. Homelander had a hand in the script for the private reveal, mouthing along in parts. The concept art itself reveals the name ‘Homeboy’, and while everyone else likes it… Sister Sage does not, wanting it to showcase Ryan’s uniqueness. Spinning off that line of thought, Homelander hints that Ryan is very much ‘his’ and wants to suit to reflect that. Sage hands Ryan his first crime itinerary and Homelander is upset that he is not on the call sheet for the staged save, further portraying his insecurities to the audience. 

The Boys Season 4 / Image Courtesy of Prime Video

Sage keeps throwing backhanded comments at Ashley and after the aforementioned scene, Ashley approaches Sage in an elevator. In the elevator, Ashley warns Sage that she cannot talk to Homelander like that. Sage replies that Ashley needs to make herself more useful and The Deep jumps into the elevator and requests that he be put onto Ryan’s first save. Sage boosts The Deep’s confidence by calling him genetically superior to Ashley, highlighting his powers in an effort to stop Ashley from talking down on him. 

The Boys figure out that A-Train must have had some involvement in the placing of the dead bodies at the Starlighter-Vought riots, and who Sister Sage is. They (MM, Frenchie and Kimiko) then plan to track Sister Sage and find out what’s up with her, while Hughie stays behind with his father. We cut to a rehearsal of Ryan’s save on a sound stage before they do the real deal in the street. At the rehearsal, The Deep tells Ashley that she can’t talk to him “that way” and when she replies sarcastically, he retaliates by verbally threatening and scaring her. Homelander overhears some people on set talking about how much he has aged, making him further question his mortality and the concept of age on his body. 

Frenchie, Kimiko and MM arrive at the Vought Garden Inn, where the TruthCon convention is being held which Sage is attending. As they enter the venue, they find that Butcher beat them there and is tagging along, despite no longer being affiliated with The Boys. They enter the main convention itself as the song “Burning Down the House” by Talking Heads plays, showcasing a range of conspiratorial stalls and spoofs on real-world theories. 

The Boys Season 4 / Image Courtesy of Prime Video

While wandering the maze of political stalls, Kimiko spots a flier about child trafficking, which gives her a flashback to her time with the Shining Light extremist group and her knife fighting another young girl. The three male members of The Boys follow Sage, while Kimiko splits off to a shop and a large number of beers which expectedly intoxicates her. 

They follow Sage into a room where a seminar titled “Starlight and the Hollywood Pedophile Cabal” is being held. Setting up the seminar are six men, all identical looking (all played by Rob Benedict). One of the men, Splinter, rushes off stage to the side of the room to Firecracker (Valorie Curry) who is signaling to him. Sage whispers something into the ear of Splinter who quickly leaves the room. Frenchie and Kimiko (who recently rejoined the other Boys) leave to follow him and soon Frenchie discovers his companion is showing the effects of intoxication. While tailing the man, Kimiko in her drunken state, keeps reiterating that Frenchie isn’t fully invested in Colin due to him having feelings for her. A sentiment that he does not agree with. 

They tail Splinter into the locker room where they find a place and time, Deep’s Blue Sea Room – 9 PM. They take note of this new information and continue looking for the man who has found his way into the sauna room. In that room, Frenchie and Kimiko find a chain of the six identical men performing a very lewd act Human Centipede style with the first jerking it to a printed picture of Firecracker. Meanwhile, Hughie and Starlight are tailing A-Train, who is hanging out with his nephews, bragging about his acts of heroism. His brother shows up and discounts all his stories, putting them down to being scripted and taking place on movie sets. Starlight tries to get out of their car to confront him but A-Train runs off before she can. 

The Boys Season 4 / Image Courtesy of Prime Video

Back at TruthCon and after the seminar, Sage asks for Firecracker’s motive regarding her political beliefs and her obvious advantage over her audience. She reveals that she is selling purpose and that the people will flock to her under the precipice of something to believe in. Now armed with this information, Sage tells Firecracker to meet at Deep’s Blue Sea Room at 9 PM. Butcher suggests that they grab Sage given her lack of physical threat towards them but MM ensures their sting stays completely visual. MM then takes Butcher outside and hands him a beating. Inside, Kimiko lashes out and defaces the child trafficking propaganda piece and harms the person running the stall. She and Frenchie then flee from security. 

Hughie and Starlight arrive back at the Flat Iron (the office of The Boys), and find that A-Train is there. The two get ready to be offensive but find that A-Train is actually helping them and he gives them proof that Todd and the unnamed other man were not at the riot when it was occurring. He is helping them due to the fact that Hughie had been withholding information from the public regarding A-Train’s crimes and says this action serves as a thank you to them. He also says he believes he would have deserved it if Starlight went ahead and attacked him, further showing his regret for his immoral actions over the past few seasons.    

Ryan’s save is now underway, with The Deep and Noir playing parts in it. Ryan grabs the fake robber and prepares to disarm them but breaking the script, Homelander shows up. His ego and insecurities had gotten the best of him and he assists Ryan in his save. The save turns bad when Ryan botches it out of his nervousness, turning the acting robber into a projectile, hurling him at high velocity towards a building. 

The Boys Season 4 / Image Courtesy of Prime Video

At Deep’s Blue Sea Room, The Boys attempt to surveil the conference in the room next door before being faced with Sage, Firecracker and the identical men, the latter now armed. Sage reveals that The Boys are deep-state CIA operatives and instructs Firecracker to kill them, using the situation as a test to get her into The Seven. Sage leaves the room and a battle begins. Frenchie points out that the identical men have pink eye from their sexual encounters in the sauna and Splinter begins to split into two new people, multiplying exponentially. 

The fight spills into the next room, where a Marvelous Mrs. Maisel-themed Bat Mitzvah is taking place, complete with dancing, loud music and full of lots of people. All the members of the celebration vacate the premises immediately when faced with the butt-naked identical men brandishing firearms. Kimiko breaks through a wall with Firecracker too, giving the partygoers an extra motive. Eventually, The Boys begin to be overwhelmed and as she begins to consider victory, Firecracker starts live streaming and labels the Bat Mitzvah a “zionist cabal”. Butcher then shows up with his crowbar, bashes Firecracker over the head and then the fight picks back up. Butcher kills Splinter with his crowbar and all of the clones die too. Firecracker flees the scene following her defeat. 

Homelander consoles Ryan with milkshakes. He was consoling based on the fact that Ryan may have been upset with his being there, but due to Homelander’s lack of regard for human life, he failed to realize that Ryan was upset over the murder. He calls humans “fragile” as an excuse and that accidents happen all the time. Ryan then vows never to do it again, angering Homelander into referring to humans as toys and that Supes are meant for a higher purpose. Frenchie relapses back to drug abuse, despite having completed rehab. He ignores a call from Colin and contacts Cherie, admitting that he feels guilt for killing the family of Colin in his past, and now he is sleeping with him. 

Hughie, now back at the hospital, confronts his mother Daphne about his childhood abandonment and reveals that he will challenge her power of attorney if she tries to make any medical decisions without his input. Kimiko finds some information about a Shining Light cell in the city and she angrily slams her laptop, ready to investigate more. On her way out, Butcher passes by her and talks to MM. Butcher talks to MM about how he never wanted to be a cruel leader, but was forced to and sometimes had to make difficult decisions. He says MM should have listened to him when talking about grabbing Sage at TruthCon and that a mistake such as that could be fatal next time. He then requests help getting Ryan to safety but MM denies based on Butcher’s poor apology.  

Episode 4×3 –  “We’ll Keep The Red Flag Flying Here”

The Boys Season 4 / Image Courtesy of Prime Video

“We’ll Keep The Red Flag Flying Here” opens with a children’s choir serenading a crowd, with Homelander on stage while Starlighters and Vought supporters bicker in the audience. Homelander then addresses the crowd, belittling the Starlighters while encouraging his supporters. He proceeds to introduce the two new members of The Seven, Sister Sage and Firecracker. While on stage, Homelander also mentions he may be saving that revered seventh spot for his son Ryan. 

Butcher and Kessler are watching the event on TV and Kessler hands Butcher a bag of white powder. Butcher refers to the bag and says it holds enough to “take down a bull elephant”. Kessler corrects him and says it’s enough for 10, and that they are not taking any chances. Butcher reveals it’s for Ryan and that he can dose him easily enough, implying that Butcher is willing to kidnap Ryan to get him away from Homelander. He also reveals that Grace Mallory has built a safe house specifically for holding Supes and considers keeping Ryan on Halothane until he becomes complacent. He also confirms his position on Ryan becoming a hero or weapon to topple Homelander, being against that rather than for it. 

Back on stage, Homelander tells Ryan in a quiet but angry voice to smile immediately, which he obliges. At a conference and photo opportunity afterwards, Firecracker is standing in the spotlight commenting on the effects of vaccines. Homelander questions if she is the right choice but Sage makes sure he knows it is. Sage shows her disdain for her superhero suit, which she finds demeaning and pandering but does put up with it. 

Hughie consults a lawyer regarding his mother’s power of attorney over his vegetative father and is saddened to hear that she is inarguably capable of keeping those powers without a fight. A man, convinced by Vought’s anti-Starlight propaganda, enters Starlight’s charity and threatens the employees at gunpoint in an attempt to find non-existent children who are being captive. Frenchie disarms and beats the man and afterwards, Colin helps patch up a wound on Frenchie’s head, questioning Frenchie’s physical apt for fighting, thinking he is just a chemist. 

The Boys Season 4 / Image Courtesy of Prime Video

In a meeting, Singer tries to count how many senators are still Vought aligned before Neuman arrives questioning a proposed amendment in the ‘The Superhero Management Act’ legislation. Singer wants to ban Supes from the military, the government and private policing, which Neuman is not a fan of but sheepishly agrees. Frenchie takes some hallucinogens and Kimiko soon approaches with the location of the Shining Light cell, mentioned in the last episode, and the two depart to go and wreak havoc. MM, Starlight and Hughie question the new Seven roster picks and MM soon reveals he wants to recruit A-Train to their cause. 

Ryan is playing a video game that mimics the gameplay of Mortal Kombat, with The Seven (and others) being playable characters. While in the lobby, a player named “DontBACunt” requests him and he joins. Expectedly, it is Butcher on the call and he asks Ryan if he would like to meet with him before Butcher’s death becomes more imminent. Homelander becomes entranced in his hatred for Starlight while seeing her on a screen in Vought Tower while Firecracker attempts to get on his good side. 

Meanwhile, Noir is pleading with Ashley for direction regarding his role. Noir of course is not meant to talk which has been a running joke so far this season, with other characters telling him to shut up It’s clear that the few murders he has witnessed and taken part of in the last few episodes have unnerved the character. The meeting of The Seven begins and Homelander dismisses Ashley, despite her being in meetings of The Seven usually. Homelander reveals that he is demoting her from CEO, and Sage is taking over the role. Ashley remains CEO technically on the surface but she no longer holds any power in the company and serves as a “mascot”. 

The Boys Season 4 / Image Courtesy of Prime Video

In the same meeting, it’s revealed that the footage of the two people The Seven beat being elsewhere at the time of the protests leaked. While this is being discussed, The Deep is put at fault due to his oversight of the crime analytics department at Vought. The lack of security regarding the situation led to The Deep being required to give Sage a list of everyone who could have had access to that footage as well as his immediate removal from the department. The Deep then returns to his room and converses with Ambrosius, who is deeply in love with the Lord of the Seas. Ashley, back in her suite, chats about wanting to quit Vought, to Cameron Coleman who is tied up naked on the floor.

A montage of Butcher baking drug-laced cookies to the tune of “Sunshine, Lollipops And Rainbows” by Lesley Gore takes place. Ryan soon arrives at Butcher’s humble abode and Ryan immediately questions if Butcher is scared to die, given his impending death. MM contacts A-Train by cloning his brother’s phone and the two meet on a football field. MM points out that A-Train is beginning to show regret for his actions and that he’s realizing his mistakes. A-Train reveals to him that Sage is tracking down whoever leaked the footage. 

Frenchie and Kimiko arrive at the location of the terrorist cell and begin to pick off targets one by one. By this point, Frenchie is completely out of it, seeing bubbles instead of blood and rubber duckies too. The song “La nuit le jour” by Les Terribles plays over the fight scene, which Frenchie basically spectates due to his inability to think straight. Frenchie then enters a vision state and walks into the Flat Iron and sees Colin, sitting on a couch flanked by his dead family who says he is having “some family time”. Frenchie admits an apology and begins to cry and every other one of Frenchie’s victims appears around him. 

He closes his eyes and when he opens them, everyone is gone and he is left in an empty Flat Iron. He turns around and sees Little Nina, a character we witnessed in Season 3 and Frenchie’s old employer, and he subsequently whips his gun out and aims it at her. She takes cheap shots at his relationship with Colin and his killing of Colin’s family. She calls him a monster and we snap back to Kimiko who is snapping the heads of the child traffickers. She prepares to kill another but finds it’s a woman she knew in her childhood, one who recognizes her. Kimiko stops fighting but the other woman adamantly tries to kill her before running away. Frenchie, now back, questions who she is and Kimiko changes the subject, asking where he went. 

The Boys Season 4 / Image Courtesy of Prime Video

Back at Butcher’s place, Ryan and Butcher play foosball. While playing a match Butcher tells Ryan the story of his brother Lenny and how he used to love playing foosball, which Butcher always would let him win. He says he wouldn’t make the same mistake here so Butcher doesn’t hold back on Ryan, a stark contrast compared to Vought Tower where everyone purposely lets him win. The conversation then veers into the subject of Ryan’s first save and Ryan mentions that he accidentally hurt someone. Butcher looks sad when he realizes that Ryan accidentally killed someone. Butcher takes back the horrible things he said about Ryan in the previous seasons, admits some of his lesser traits and proceeds to bin the laced cookies, showing that he is no longer willing to do anything to Ryan against his will. 

Back at Vought Tower, Sage and Homelander are interviewing low-level staff members who have possibly had contact with Starlight and her followers, trying to track down a leak. Homelander promises not to lash out at one of the women they interview, but when she reveals she had a phone call with Starlight, Homelander instantly kills her. Ashley sees the murder take place and shreds her resignation, admitting defeat. Starlight lets herself into her old room in Vought Tower, now housing Firecracker. Firecracker enters the room and the two reunite. That’s right. The two characters had a history in the Supes pageant field back when they were children and Starlight would lie to elevate her stance over her in competition, thus fuelling Firecrackers hatred. 

The next scene we get to witness is the Disney on Ice parody, Vought on Ice. It is a far more political telling than the Disney counterpart, which MM and Hughie get to witness, watching from afar. Others were meant to show up to the surveillance mission but only the two show up. MM has heard from A-Train that Homelander is meeting Vicky at that location and this news surprises Hughie. MM went behind everyone’s back and teamed up with the Seven member, leading Hughie to worry whether it is a trap or not. Hughie attempts to get in a position to listen to the conversation as Neuman arrives and talks to the Vought performers.  

Homelander and Sage arrive at the meeting spot, with Hughie overhead in the air duct to hear everything they say. Hughie begins to sweat profusely from his position due to the gravity of the situation, then Neuman arrives at the meeting. Sage reveals that the downfall of Starlight will be the first phase in a collection paving the way for Neuman to the presidency. 

The Boys Season 4 / Image Courtesy of Prime Video

The next step will be killing Singer which would propel Neuman towards the top. In return for this gesture, Sage and Homelander are expecting that Neuman disbands the Bureau of Superhuman Affairs, condemn the Defund The Supes movement, remove all teachings of “critical Supe theory” and place a hero in every town with legal authority above law enforcement. Homelander adds that he wants her to out herself as a Supe once she is in office. Neuman isn’t a fan of any of these criteria, causing Homelander to question whether she wants the presidency for power or to prove herself to her adoptive father Stan Edgar (Giancarlo Esposito). 

A drop of sweat forms on Hughie’s nose and it drips through the air vent and onto Homelander. Homelander immediately recognizes Hughie’s scent and begins to laser the above vent. The race is on as Hughie crawls through the ducts as fast as he can while Homelander uses his heat vision to attempt to kill him. MM sees this and uses a light to blind Homelander, who then accidentally slices a Maeve Vought on Ice performer in half with his heat vision. The situation further escalates once panic arises causing several more Vought on Ice members to be maimed and killed from sharp ice skates being thrown around to desperate performers trying to escape. 

Homelander admits defeat and flies up into the air while it’s shown that A-Train saved Hughie from being murdered by Homelander. One of many acts in this episode that shows A-Train’s willingness to help The Boys against the fascist power he once supported. Meanwhile, Kimiko and Frenchie arrive back at the Flat Iron where they find Starlight, who is also reeling from a bad day. Frenchie is slipping deeper back into his drug addiction and Kimiko is becoming increasingly worried for her comrade, but Frenchie declines her help and says it is not her business, using her lack of explanation of the woman from the warehouse as a basis. 

Hughie arrives back at the hospital where his father is being cared for and finds his mother sitting in the hall by herself. He asks how his father is and begins to talk to his mom. He questions why she left him when he was little and she tells her story of postpartum depression and how she didn’t want that to affect their family. She said she tried to kill herself but managed to survive and then immediately left the family afterwards, wanting to survive and preserve Hughies innocence but also blaming Hughie Sr. for some of the secrecy behind the event. 

The Boys Season 4 / Image Courtesy of Prime Video

Kessler and Butcher argue about Butcher not drugging Ryan, and Butcher retaliates with some of the stances he made clear earlier in the episode. Kessler reiterates that they cannot take the chance that Ryan becomes another Homelander. In Vought Tower, Sage is eating by herself while watching TV when The Deep arrives. The two talk for a bit before making out and having sex. In his own suite, Homelander stares blankly across the room right as Ryan walks in. Although hesitant at first, Ryan tells him that he met with Butcher which deeply angers Homelander. 

The news causes the hero to crack a mirror out of his own anger. He hears himself call out “John, come here”. He walks over to the mirror and sees four selves staring back, each with a different personality, speaking words that Homelander is not saying. They insult him based on the feelings he has been experiencing over the last three episodes and tell him that the only way for him to move past this is to go home, causing him to see flashes of his childhood in a Vought lab. The episode ends with the music of Vought on Ice playing over the credits.

‘The Boys’ Season 4: Episodes 1-3 Breakdown

The first three episodes of The Boys Season 4 are now streaming on Prime Video. The series is created by Erik Kripke and stars Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Laz Alonso, Antony Starr, Karen Fukuhara, Tomer Capone, Chace Crawford, Susan Heyward, Erin Moriarty, Valorie Curry, Jessie T. Usher, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Tilda Swinton and Will Ferrell guest star. The next episode of The Boys Season 4 releases on Thursday, June 20, 2024, and we will be here to break it down.

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