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‘May The 12th Be With You’ Review: This Isn’t The Short You Are Looking For

May The 12th Be With You is the newest Simpsons short on Disney+ coming just a year after Rogue Not Quite One.

Now I haven’t seen any of the other shorts but I assume all follow the same formula. That formula being a shoddily animated advertisement for everything on Disney+ (and Hulu of course!). More entertainment might be able to be found in this video:

The short begins with a bunch of Disney characters trying to take a trip in Marge Simpson’s family car, which unfortunately has broken down. Luckily for the group, Ahsoka Tano comes in with her ship and whisks the characters off into hyperspace and they head to the Disney+ planet. On this hellish world Marge ruins a Star Wars larping session by assaulting the Stormtrooper character actors. The gaggle of characters then head back to the Simpson’s residency and enjoy a Mother’s Day barbecue.

This utterly lifeless short is supposed to be for Mother’s Day, but the collection of characters don’t make much sense for the theme. I personally don’t understand how Miguel from Coco is relevant to the holiday in any way.

Overall the short was a waste of time unless you enjoy Disney just showing off all the IP they now own because that is really all this amounts to.

‘May The 12th Be With You’ Review: This Isn't The Short You Are Looking For.
May The 12th Be With You / Image Courtesy of Disney

May The 12th Be With You is Now streaming on Disney+.

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