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Big News (Rebrand) 

After months upon months of extensive research, trials, and delays, it is finally here.

Our team of contributors as a collective has made the hard decision to rebrand into something more clean and concise to reach more audiences through SEO. Welcome to Feature First.

We started in June of 2023 out of passion and although that passion has never waivered, our hard work was not paying off. Through around 3 months of research and endless speculation, we concluded that our original name had a lack of connection to what we cover and that our unique name came off like a typo! In January of 2024, we managed to decide on a name and our rebrand process began as our talented team of web designers worked on something in the background.

As of today, we will now be referred to across all of our platforms (see the page footer) as Feature First. The “Feature” component refers to a commonly used homophone in the entertainment space. It’s used across the gaming, music, and film sectors and so are we.

Perfect fit. Next, the “First” component is a reference to our mission of providing up-to-date and accurate news, putting us first in the race. Easy as that.

Addressing the elephant in the room, we have officially launched our website. This website has been in development since September of 2023 and through our amazing team of developers, it is finally here. We aim to write at least a couple of articles per week so stay tuned for big things ahead.

Big News at Sammon News (Rebrand)
Feature First / Logo designed by Vincent L.

Thanks to our web and graphic designers and our amazing team of writers and consultants for all this huge progress we have made over the last six months. Thank YOU, the reader of this article, for incentivizing this and giving us at Feature First the drive to provide satisfactory news to all.

You can begin reading some of our articles here.



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Zanda is the Editor-in-Chief of Feature First and oversees the publishing of the outlet and content of the social media pages. He is based in Queensland, Australia and may or may not have a life like cardboard cut-out of Ryan Gosling in his room. Zanda has been actively turning Feature First into a reliable and high quality entertainment outlet since 2023.