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New ‘Mickey Mouse Club’ Series In The Works (Exclusive)

We can exclusively report that one of Disney’s most prolific star-creating series is getting a new breath of life. 

New 'Mickey Mouse Club' Series In The Works (Exclusive)
The All-New Mickey Mouse Club / Image Courtesy of Buena Vista Television

We may see a new generation of stars as we can exclusively report that The Mickey Mouse Club is being rebooted for a fourth time. Through the years, the show has gone by many names and that gives us reason to believe that this one will too. This will separate it from its predecessors but also will allow the show to be modernized without affecting the legacy of past eras.

The new series is currently in its casting phase where there is a public open casting call for an untitled series (which we have identified as MMC) aiming for stars between the ages of 10 and 16. It is probable that once the casting phase has been completed the show will enter production and then eventually stream on Disney Channel and Disney+.

New 'Mickey Mouse Club' Series In The Works (Exclusive)
The All-New Mickey Mouse Club / Image Courtesy of Buena Vista Television

Now what exactly is The Mickey Mouse Club? Well in 1955 Walt Disney had an idea to reboot a theatre-based variety show in television format to air on ABC every weekday. The eventual result would heavily influence pop culture across several industries although the effects were not seen immediately. The show suffered several cancellations for a variety of different reasons but would ultimately be revived and rebooted four times with its fifth mainline installment now in the works.

We won’t bore you with the details, but the show was a variety act with music and dance performances making up the bulk of the runtime, often lasting 20-40 minutes per episode. What made the show retroactively known, is how many stars it produced. Most famously, Ryan Gosling (Barbie, Drive), Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and NSYNC members Justin Timberlake and JC Chasez got their career starts with the show. 

New 'Mickey Mouse Club' Series In The Works (Exclusive)
The Mickey Mouse Club / Image Courtesy of Disney Entertainment

And now with confirmation of this series’ production, the question remains… which MMC star will be the next big thing?

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