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Drake Vehemently Denies Pedo Allegations on “The Heart Part 6”

Kendrick Lamar for the last few days has been accusing Drake and his crew, OVO, of some heinous crimes in his diss tracks. Now Drake has hit back with “The Heart Part 6,” denying the allegations and claiming he fed Kendrick Lamar information about a fake daughter.

On “Meet the Grahams”, Kendrick suggested that Drake was a Weinstein-level sexual predator and that he deserved to die for his crimes. Then, on “Not Like Us”, he took a comedic approach, further pushing those allegations at him through funny lines inciting the claim that he was a pedophile.

Drake’s response attempts to discredit Kendrick as a liar and a fraud who doesn’t do his research. He claims he made up information about a daughter and fed it to Kendrick Lamar through people at OVO. Kendrick ended up revealing the information about that fake 11 year old daughter on “Meet the Grahams”

Drake also vehemently denies the claim that he’s a predator or a pedophile. He claims Kendrick is knowingly lying and that he has absolutely no proof about the claims he’s making in this regard. He uses these two things to paint Kendrick as a fraud.

Here are some of the most important lines of this diss track.

Denying The Allegations

This Epstein angle was shit I expected

Tiktok videos you collected and disected

Instead of being on direct shit

You rather grab your pen and misdirect shit

My mom came over today and I was like Mother I, Mother I

Wait a second, that’s the one record where you got molested

Ah fuck me I just made the whole connection

This is trauma from your own confessions

What Drake is trying to get it here is that on a track called “Mother, I Sober” on Mr Morale & The Big Steppers. On that track, Kendrick talks about the trauma created through a family through sexual abuse. Kendrick never says he was molested. In fact, he denies that he was. His family thought he was, because of their own experiences with sexual abuse.

This is a baffling angle for Drake to take. What he is saying is that Kendrick doesn’t care if there’s any validity to the pedophilia claims, he’s misdirecting to win this beef.

I never been with nobody underage

But now I understand why this is the angle that you really mess with

Just for clarity I feel disgusted

I’m too respected.

If I was fucking young girls

I promise I’d have been arrested

I’m too famous for the shit you suggested.

Drake is not a name you’re going to see on a sex offender list

He makes the claim that he has never been with anyone underage and that he’s disgusted at these accusations. He says that he’s too famous to still be free after claims like these and that he’d be in prison if he really was a pedophile.

Only fucking with Whitneys, not Millie Bobbie Browns

Never looked twice at no teenager

Later in the track, Drake also mentions Millie Bobby Brown, who once said that they were texting with each other when she was 14. People on the internet have used that against Drake, claiming it’s behavior that could be seen as pedophilia.

Drake denies this and says he’s never looked at a teenager sexually and is only fucking adult woman. He uses Kendrick’s fiancee as the example of an adult in this case.

Drake Fed Kendrick Fake Info?

We plotted for a week

And we fed you the information

My daughter that’s 11 years old

I bet he takes it

We thought about giving a fake name or a destination

But you so thirsty you not concerned with investigation

Instead you in that Venice studio it’s a celebration

You gotta learn to fact check things

Even the picture you use, the jokes and medication

The maybach gloves, and the drug he uses for less inflation

Master manipulator, you bit on speculation

You dumb and reactive n****

I’m petty with dedication

Drake claims he tricked Kendrick Lamar with multiple things: a 11 year old daughter, and the cover for “Meet the Grahams,” both of which he ended up using for the track.

The cover for “Meet the Grahams” featured pill bottles with Drake’s name on it, a t-shirt saying “Shortee Collection,” a jewelry receipt, and Maybach gloves. The “Shortee Collection” seems to be a joke about Kendrick because this whole beef has had Drake throwing short jokes at him.

Kendrick did end up deleting the picture off the track when he uploaded it onto Spotify so maybe there is some truth to this.

Drake claims that Kendrick doesn’t care about giving facts or investigating. He’ll put out any lies to hurt Drake. Kendrick called him a “master manipulator” on “Euphoria” yet fell for the manipulation is what Drake is hinting at when he says “you bit on speculation”.


Drake also continues to push allegations of Kendrick Lamar beating his wife and being estranged from his family. He calls Kendrick a deadbeat who hasn’t seen his kids in six months. He also pushes further into Dave Free being the father. Asking why Dave is commenting heart emojis on multiple pictures with Kendrick’s “son” on them.

He calls Kendrick a woman beater. He also talks about Kendrick threatening to pull his music from Spotify in 2018 if they deleted R. Kelly’s music in 2018. He calls him a hypocrite for doing so.

He claims everything he’s saying is facts and that Kendrick has been lying. That’s essentially what the whole track is trying to do. It’s painting Kendrick as a liar who’s playing unfair to win.

It’s very likely that Kendrick Lamar will respond, as he has said he has a lot more in the tank. When is the question, It could be tonight, it could be tomorrow. This whole saga has gotten very ugly. Both have attacked each other’s character.

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