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Drake Releases AI Diss Track Against Kendrick using Snoop and Tupac’s Voices

In the newest edition of the Drake vs. Kendrick saga is the release of an AI diss track using Tupac and Snoop Dogg. Drake brings Tupac’s voice back to life in a twist as he drops back to back to provoke Kendrick to release a response back to “Push Ups”. “Push Ups” was released officially earlier today. 

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Tupac and Snoop Dogg are used strategically because of Kendrick’s connection to the two, whom he sees as idols. Snoop Dogg was featured on “Institutionalized” on Kendrick’s third studio album, To Pimp a Butterfly. Tupac also featured on that album in “Mortal Man” as Kendrick used Tupac’s past interviews to craft a narrative as if Kendrick was interviewing Tupac.

For those who may not know, how AI music works is usually there’s someone rapping the entire thing with their own voice then the vocals are modulated using AI to sound like the artist. In this case, Drake is doing the same. You can hear the way Drake raps in the song, with his prototypical flow.


“Kendrick we need ya, the west coast savior

Engraving your name in some hip hop history

If you deal with this viciously

You see a little nervous about all the publicity

Fuck this Canadian lightskin, Dot

We need to know the undebated west coast victory, man

Call him a bitch for me

Talk about him like your young girls, that’s a gift for me

Heard it on the Budden Podcast, it’s gotta be true

They told me to the spirit of Makaveli is alive

And the nigga under five foot five, so it’s gotta be you

I would beef the whole fucking game

It was me and Snoop Dogg, have my fucking shirt off in the house of blues

K, you gotta fuck this nigga girl, he gotta get abused

All that shit about burning tattoos, he is not amused

That’s jail talk for real thugs, you gotta be you

Gotta leave this motherfucker broken and bruised before we really lose

You asked for the smoke

Now I see you too busy for the smoke

I won’t lie, the people confused

Now you bout to give this shit another week

Don’t fall back to home girl who runnin’ numbers up

I woulda refused

Fuck these industry relationships, she not in your shoes

You supposed to be the rookie man, go do what you do

Unless this is a moment that you tell us, this not really you

In that case there’s nothing left to say, I just pass it to Snoop”

Drake uses Kendrick’s love for Tupac to call Kendrick’s diss weak in an attempt to provoke him further.

Drake tries to belittle Kendrick, saying that he isn’t really being himself, and raps about himself in the third perspective as the “Canadian light skin.”. 

Tupac himself was very used to getting into rap feuds, including perhaps the most popular diss track in history, “Hit ‘Em Up,” which saw him go after rival Biggie. 

Snoop Dogg

In the second verse, Drake switches to Snoop Dogg, where he attempts to do the same thing. 

“Nephew, what the fuck you really bout to do?

We passed you the torch in the House of Blues

And now you got to do some dirty work, you know how to move, right? Right?

I know you never been to jail, or wear jumpsuits and shower shoes

Never shot nobody, never stabbed nobody

Never did nothing violent and know when it’s the homies that empower you

But still you gotta show this fucking owl who’s boss on the West

Now’s a time to really make a power move

‘Cause right now it’s looking like you writing out the game plan on how to lose

How to bark up the wrong tree and then get your head popped in a crowded room

World is watching this chess game, but oh, you out of moves

Dot you know that the OG never fucking doubted you

But right now it seem like you posted up without a clue

Or what the fuck you ’bout to do”

Drake uses Snoop to attack Kendrick as a fake gangster in his “Like That” verse. He again provokes Kendrick for a response as he builds up the beef even further, talking about the pressure of this feud from Snoop’s perspective. Drake feels like Kendrick isn’t ready for this beef, and he has “no clue” of what he’s going to respond with.

Kendrick has expressed his love for Snoop Dogg many times, including when he said he wanted to model his career after the “Drop It Like It’s Hot“ rapper. 

In an interview, when asked who he looks up to, Kendrick said, “As far as a legacy and longevity go, it would be Snoop. Snoop and Dre. You know, these cats came out together early. I was a kid, 4 [or] 3 years old, when Snoop hit. And seeing their growth and how they developed as a team and blossomed into somebody you can call a legend—that’s something that I want.”. 

It’s clear how much he admires Snoop and his career, which is exactly why Drake uses his AI-generated voice to attack Kendrick’s whole persona. 



Finally, Drake uses his real voice for the last verse. This is where he goes back to the first-person point of view to diss Kendrick. 

“Yeah, unc’, that’s the truth

I’m definitely about to come around the Lang gang and let my fucking bowel move

Shitting on you niggas from a whole different altitude

High up in the sky like I’m Howard Hughes

The first one really only took me an hour or two

The next one is really ’bout to bring out the coward in you

But now we gotta wait a fucking week ’cause Taylor Swift is your new Top

And if you ’bout to drop, she gotta approve

This girl really ’bout to make you act like you not in a feud

She Taylor made, you scheduled with Ant, you out of the loop

Hate all you corporate industry puppets, I’m not in the mood

I love it when you niggas talk loose like I’m not in the room

Since “Like That” your tone changed a little, you not as enthused

How are you not in the booth?

It feel like you kinda removed

You tryna let this shit die down

Nah, nah, nah, not this time nigga, you followin’ through

I guess you need another week to figure out how to improve

What the fuck is taking so long? We waiting on you

The rest of y’all are definitely involved, y’all gettin it too

Soon as you get the courage to drop, I’m out on the loose (On the loose)”

Drake uses these bars to do the same thing he did with Pac and Snoop, but this time in his own voice. He raps about how he’s waiting on Kendrick to drop so he can unleash his own clip, as he says “Push Ups” only took “an hour or two.” He claims the next one is his massive bombshell. 

 He then goes back to using Taylor Swift to belittle Kendrick, hinting at him not releasing in the same vicinity as she dropped “Tortured Poets Department” on Friday. He claims Taylor has Kendrick not ready to make that diss track as it’ll get overshadowed. 

Drake makes the claim that Kendrick isn’t ready for this beef and that he still hasn’t released his track despite him starting the beef. Drake makes the argument that Kendrick may not want to respond, but Drake tries to force his hand. 

Drake thinks the other artists who dissed him on We Don’t Trust You and We Still Don’t Trust You are involved in Kendrick’s response and that they too will get their shine. He then leaves Kendrick, saying he’s ready for anything Kendrick drops when he gets the courage to do so.

In the outro, Drake shouts out Taylor Swift as he says, “Biggest gangster in the music game right now.” In his final line, he reiterates that Kendrick better be hitting Drake back with something insane: “That shit better be crazy, we’re waiting on you.”.

Drake used Kendrick’s idols against him as he is awaiting a response back. He’s putting as much pressure as he can for Kendrick to release both as soon as possible, and to come with his best. 

Image Courtesy of Prince Williams/Wireimage

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