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Drake and Kendrick Lamar Drop Their Diss Track Nukes

Drake said he wanted to keep it PG while Kendrick told him to keep it friendly. Then Drake makes a response that is anything but PG. Drake makes some wild claims about Kendrick and his family that are insane, to say the least on Family Matters.

But then out of nowhere Kendrick, from the top rope, not even an hour later drops Meet The Grahams, which is another absolute bombshell. They’re both trying to kill each other’s careers in this beef.

Here are the wildest claims both make about each other.

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Kendrick’s Wife Cheated on Him With His Dave Free?

Dave Free is Kendrick’s business partner who has been a major part of his career in recent years. They’ve directed multiple music videos together, and they’ve started a label group called pgLang in 2020. It’s suffice to say these two are very close which is why this bombshell. 

Drake claims that Kendrick’s wife, Whitney, cheated on him with Dave Free and that one of Kendrick’s kids might be his. While there isn’t any proof given on this track, it’s still a massive claim to make without any substance. If this has any truth to it, this is a Pusha T level reveal. 

Kendrick Beat His Wife?

If one bombshell wasn’t enough, Drake drops another. This one is, honestly, even crazier. Drake claims that Kendrick beat his wife and hired a crisis management team to clean it all up. Is this true? Well, who knows but Drake made the claim.

Kendrick’s Diss Track Paints Drake As a Predator

Image Courtesy of pgLang

Drake has had a lot of things floating around him about being a predator but Kendrick pushes the envelope even further. Kendrick calls him a pervert and thinks like Diddy, R. Kelly and Weinstein he’ll eventually get caught and get the “embassy raided.”.

He paints Drake as a predator and says that he deserves to die for what he’s done. He claims that Drake hates black women and has a nympho fetish. Drake also apparently has sex offenders on OVO getting paid according to Kendrick. Kendrick says that Drake is perfect and to keep the family away, even calling on LeBron and Steph to keep away. 

Drake Is Hiding Another Kid?

Pusha T exposed Drake for hiding his son in 2018, that was an insane reveal. Kendrick does the same here revealing Drake is hiding another kid, hinting that it’s a daughter named Grace. 

Kendrick addresses Drake’s son Adonis, mother Sandra to paint their family ‘The Grahams’. He does what Pusha T did and uses Drake’s father abandoning him to paint a picture of Drake’s unstable family life growing up leading him not to know how to raise kids and being a deadbeat like his father was. 

Whats Next?

Both Drake and Kendrick have dropped their nukes on each other. They both portray each other as liars who aren’t who they claim to be in their music and are hiding deep secrets that both seem to be criminal offenses if true. They paint each other as horrible people who don’t deserve to be where they are. 

It’s unclear if this beef will continue but this has been a wild day for hip-hop because it feels like they’re both trying to ruin each other’s careers. It’s hard to tell which points are true or false but one thing we know for sure is all of this is very messed up.

This has been a chess match from both sides but now that the nukes are out what next? Well I guess we’ll find out soon.

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