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Ethan Hall

Hunter Schafer Reportedly In Talks For Lead Role In ‘Blade Runner 2099’

According to insiders, Hunter Schafer is in talks to join the sci-fi franchise in Prime Video series Blade Runner 2099. Read the full story.

‘Bad Boys: Ride or Die’ Review: Overstimulating But Underwhelming

Bad Boys: Ride or Die is a mixed bag. While there is fun to be had watching all the action sequences, the story never felt quite there. Read our review.

I Rewatched Every ‘Spider-Man’ Film In Theaters, Here’s How I Rank Them Now

I attended every “Spider Monday” for the past 8 weeks. Here is how I now rank every live-action film in the ‘Spider-Man’ franchise.

‘Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga’ Review: An Epic In Every Sense

George Miller’s latest entry into his decades-spanning Mad Max series has finally arrived. While Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga doesn’t overlap the previous entry in the film series, it still manages to cement itself as a worthy successor. Read our review.

‘IF’ Review: An Unimaginative Tale

John Krasinski’s follow-up film to the ‘A Quiet Place’ duology manifests with ‘IF’. Read our full review.

‘Dune: Prophecy’ Teaser: Breakdown and Details You Might Have Missed

The teaser for the first series in the Dune franchise, ‘Dune: Prophecy’, has arrived. Read the article to learn about some details you may have missed.

‘May The 12th Be With You’ Review: This Isn’t The Short You Are Looking For

The latest ‘May The 12th’ short proves to be utterly lifeless… unless you enjoy watching Disney advertise their IP. Read our review.

‘The Acolyte’ Trailer: Breakdown And Details You May Have Missed

The new trailer for the newest Star Wars series, The Acolyte, has arrived. Read our full breakdown of the trailer.

‘The Bad Batch’ Season 3 Review: Good Seasons Follow Orders

The final season of The Bad Batch has now come to an end. While the series has had its ups and downs, they may have just stuck the landing.

‘Boy Kills World’ Review: A Grate-ish Time

Moritz Mohr’s feature debut Boy Kills World may provide some fun, but can become very grating very quickly.

‘Civil War’ Review: A Harrowing Depiction Of Urban Warfare

In one word, Civil War could be described as “harrowing.” Garland almost never lets up, jumping from one gut turning scene to another.

‘Five Nights at Freddy’s 2’ Officially A Go At Blumhouse

Since October, one question has been plaguing Blumhouse CEO Jason Blum’s mentions on Twitter/X. A question that we finally got an answer to this evening.

‘The Acolyte’ Special Footage First Details Revealed (Exclusive)

We can exclusively reveal the first details and length of The Acolyte footage from The Phantom Menace re-release.