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Bhargav Chandramouli

All 12 ‘Doctor Who’ (’23-’24) Episodes – Ranked

As an avid fan of the new seasons of the show, I’ve had some expectations for these new episodes. Join me in my ranking of the new episodes!

Sabrina Carpenter, Ariana Grande, Gracie Abrams Fans Debate Canceling Apple Music Memberships

Fans of pop stars Sabrina Carpenter, Ariana Grande, and Gracie Abrams have had a love-hate relationship with Apple Music over the last 24 hours. Many are even considering switching over to competitor Spotify. Please Please Please Give Me Tour Tickets…

Ariana Grande Breaks Silence On “Quiet On Set” Docuseries, Child Acting On Nickelodeon

In the first part of her podcast episode on Podcrushed, hosted by Penn Badgley, Sophie Ansari, and Nava Kavelin; guest Ariana Grande speaks out about recontextualizing her career as a child actor. Following a run on Broadway’s 13: The Musical…

All 30 Films Featured In Ariana Grande’s Discography

Throughout her career, Ariana Grande has deeply entwined her brand as a musician with film. From her annual Halloween costumes (the most popular ones referencing Creature from the Black Lagoon, Little Shop of Horrors, and Showgirls) to naming her pets…

Industry Analysis: Hurdles For ‘Wicked’ And ‘Tiana’ Rise As ‘Moana 2’ Trailer Breaks Records

A theatrical competition between Moana 2 and Wicked could open the possibility of Tiana becoming a theatrical film.

A24’s ‘I Saw The TV Glow’ Underscores The Modern Struggle Of Being An Artist 

Director Jane Schoenbrun’s second film, I Saw The TV Glow is a leap in the creative and technological landscapes of directing. By illustrating an allegory based on their transgender background, Schoenbrun spotlights the lived experiences of many who’ve forsaken their…

New ‘Wicked’ Trailer: Breakdown & Early Box Office Forecast

Marketing is finally ramping up for Universal’s upcoming blockbuster, Wicked, as the film has released a trailer featuring 3:30mins of footage.

AI Cover Of Olivia Rodrigo Singing Taylor Swift Song Goes Viral

Amid discourse surrounding Taylor Swift’s latest album release, her new song “I Hate It Here” is trending, but under Olivia Rodrigo’s voice?

‘Monkey Man’ Review: Sets The Bar For Indian Representation In Hollywood

Dev Patel sets the bar high with his directorial debut Monkey Man, creating a monumental achievement with his evident potential.

‘Monkey Man’ Reactions Point To New Peak Of South Asian Representation

Despite a rich cultural history, Indian representation is painfully absent in Hollywood and Monkey Man is looking to change that.

‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ Review: Better than the Film?

This review was made possible by attending a fan screening of Percy Jackson and the Olympians located in Chicago. I had the opportunity to watch the first two episodes of the Disney+ original series Percy Jackson and the Olympians, which…