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Ariana Grande Cannibal Joke Goes Viral After Tour Announcement

Following her appearance on the Shut Up, Ryan podcast where she announced a “mini tour”, Ariana Grande is receiving backlash for a made up rumor about her being a cannibal.

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The rumor originated after Twitter (X) user @allurequinn tweeted a joke “copypasta” in regard to the tour announcement on Tuesday. The now-deleted tweet read, “Everyone wanting to attend like police didn’t find human remains and evidence of cannibalism in her LA home that she sold in 2013😭DO NOT BUY TICKETS FOR HER TOUR!!!”

The “Ariana Grande Cannibal” joke then circulated on TikTok after user @iamtrixievegas made a TikTok captioned “Police found evidence of human Ramains and cannibalism in the home Ariana grande sold in Chicago in 2013.” You can watch the video here:

 “So, am I the only one that was today years old when they found out that Ariana Grande sold a home back, like, in 2017, 2013, some shit like that, where the police found, um, human remains? And evidence of cannibalism in there? Shit, the media did a great job at hiding that cause boy, the fuck!?”

(@iamtrixievegas Link to video)

The user posted a follow-up video claiming she was joking, but a great number of people genuinely believe the rumor now. At the time of writing, the video currently has 71.7k likes, 1.1M views, and “Cannibalism” is the first keyword that pops up after searching “Ariana” in the search bar.

The joke of the police finding human remains from a celebrity’s house in 2013 has been a running gag for the tour announcements of other celebrities too. As of the time of writing, no major outlet has reported on the story, but rumors could spiral should there be one wrong headline. 

Grande is currently facing backlash for admitting that she wanted to have dinner with Jeffrey Dahmer on Penn Badgely’s Podcrushed podcast when she was 16 years old, leading the relatives of Dahmer’s victims to respond. As a result, many people on TikTok have been led to believe the cannibal rumors as true, thanks to the conjunction of the cherry-picked Dahmer quote.

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