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Every Ariana Grande Song Ranked, 4 Months Post Eternal Sunshine

Every Ariana Grande Song Ranked, 4 Months Post Eternal Sunshine
Ariana Grande in 7 Rings

For the release of Ariana Grande’s seventh studio album, eternal sunshine, Billboard had released a very controversial ranking of every song in her discography. As an immense fan of her work, having spent thousands of minutes listening to her music, I found it would be a fun task to do an objective ranking of Grande’s discography. One that balances what’s popular within the fanbase, for specific reasons, with critics and general public reception.

Without further ado, here are all 165 of Ariana Grande’s songs, ranked!

(For time purposes, I have only explained my thoughts for the F, A+, and S columns.)


Every Ariana Grande Song Ranked, 4 Months Post Eternal Sunshine
Ariana Grande for 13: The Musical

165: ‘U R What U Eat’ Songs for a Healthier America – Single, Matisyahu, Ariana Grande, Travis Barker, Kool Kojak & Salad Bar (2013) 

  • Commissioned by Michelle Obama for an album promoting kids to eat healthier, this song is truly horrible. Ironically, Ariana starred in an episode of Victorious where she had to dress up as a piece of broccoli and sing this exact type of song, and “Favorite Food” is still 10,000x better than this.

164: ‘This Is Not a Feminist Song’ (feat. Ariana Grande) ‘This Is Not a Feminist Song’ (feat. Ariana Grande) – Single, Saturday Night Live Cast (2016) 

  • Ariana joins the SNL cast in this parody skit, which I personally feel is one of the weaker ones, sonically, that SNL has made. 

163: ‘A Little More Homework’ 13 (Original Broadway Cast Recording), Graham Phillips, Ariana Grande & 13 Original Broadway Cast (2008) 

  • 14-year-old Grande saves this song right as it starts to feel derivative and boring. 

162: ‘yes, and?’ (feat. Mariah Carey) Eternal Sunshine (Slightly Deluxe), Ariana Grande (2024)

  • Absolutely the worst collaboration ever put out by Grande. Carey’s verse doesn’t rhyme at all, and the two powerhouse voices are constantly fighting with each other over the entire track. 0 satisfaction at the end. 


Every Ariana Grande Song Ranked, 4 Months Post Eternal Sunshine
Ariana Grande as Zebra in Lil Dicky’s Earth

161: ‘They Don’t Know’ Trolls (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), Ariana Grande (2016) 

160: ‘Arturo Sandoval (feat. Pharrell Williams & Ariana Grande)’ Ultimate Duets, Arturo Sandoval (2018) 

159: ‘Intro (Christmas & Chill)’ Christmas & Chill, Ariana Grande (2015) 

158: ‘It Was A… (Masked Christmas)’ (feat. Megan Thee Stallion & Ariana Grande) It Was A… (Masked Christmas) – Single, Jimmy Fallon (2015)

157: ‘Faith’ (feat. Ariana Grande) Sing (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), Stevie Wonder (2016)

156: ‘Knew Better (Part Two)’ SoundCloud, Ariana Grande (2016)

155: ‘Earth’ Earth – Single, Lil Dicky (2019) 


Every Ariana Grande Song Ranked, 4 Months Post Eternal Sunshine
Ariana Grande in Put Your Hearts Up

154: ‘Put Your Hearts Up’ Put Your Hearts Up – Single, Ariana Grande 

153: ‘Boys Like You’ (feat. Ariana Grande, Meghan Trainor) Boys Like You – Single, Who Is Fancy (2015) 

152: ‘Research’ (feat. Ariana Grande) Dark Sky Paradise (Deluxe), Big Sean (2015) 

151: ‘Popular Song (feat. MIKA)’ Yours Truly, Ariana Grande (2013) 

150: ‘Cadillac Song’ My Everything (Target Exclusive Edition), Ariana Grande (2014) 

149: ‘L.A. Boyz’ Victorious 3.0: Even More Music from the Hit TV Show, Victoria Justice & Ariana Grande (2012) C

148: ‘Just Look Up’ Don’t Look Up (Soundtrack from the Netflix Film), Ariana Grande & Kid Cudi (2021) 

147: ‘Over and Over Again (Remix) (feat. Ariana Grande)’ Unfinished Business (Deluxe), Nathan Sykes (2016) 

146: ‘Time (feat. Ariana Grande)’ 3.15.20, Childish Gambino (2020) 


Every Ariana Grande Song Ranked, 4 Months Post Eternal Sunshine
Ariana Grande, Lana Del Ray, & Miley Cyrus in Don’t Call Me Angel

145: ‘All My Love’ (feat. Ariana Grande) The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), Major Lazer (2014)

144: ‘Step On Up’ Dangerous Woman (Target Exclusive Edition), Ariana Grande (2016)

143: ‘Piano’ Yours Truly, Ariana Grande (2013)

142: ‘Nobody’ Charlie’s Angels (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), Ariana Grande & Chaka Khan (2019)

141: ‘Too Close’ My Everything (Target Exclusive Edition), Ariana Grande (2014)

140: ‘What Do You Mean (Remix) (feat. Ariana Grande)’ Purpose (Deluxe), Justin Bieber (2015)

139: ‘Voodoo Love’ SoundCloud, Ariana Grande (2016) 

138: ‘Don’t Call Me Angel (Charlie’s Angels)’ Charlie’s Angels (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus & Lana Del Rey (2019) 


2 Chainz and Ariana Grande for Rule The World

137: ‘Rule the World (feat. Ariana Grande)’ Rap or Go to the League, 2 Chainz (2019) 

136: ‘My Favorite Part (feat. Ariana Grande)’ The Divine Feminine, Mac Miller (2016) 

135: ‘Brand New You (feat. Ariana Grande)’ 13 (Original Broadway Cast Recording), Caitlin Gann, Ariana Grande & 13 Original Broadway Cast (2008) 

134: ‘someone like u (interlude)’ Positions (Deluxe), Ariana Grande (2021) 

133: ‘pete davidson’ Sweetener, Ariana Grande (2018) 

132: ‘Focus’ Focus – Single, Ariana Grande (2015) 

131: ‘Quit (feat. Ariana Grande)’ 9, Cashmere Cat (2017) 

130: ‘True Love’ Christmas & Chill, Ariana Grande (2015) 

129: ‘A Hand For Mrs. Claus’ Christmas: A Season of Love, Idina Menzel & Ariana Grande (2019) 

128: ‘Better Left Unsaid’ Yours Truly, Ariana Grande (2013) 

127: ‘Good As Hell (Remix)’ Good As Hell (Remix) – Single, Lizzo & Ariana Grande (2019) 


Ariana Grande in Breathin

126: ‘Not Just On Christmas’ Christmas & Chill, Ariana Grande (2015) 

125: ‘Just a Little Bit of Your Heart’ My Everything, Ariana Grande (2014) 

124: ‘Knew Better / Forever Boy’ Dangerous Woman, Ariana Grande (2016) 

123: ‘Be My Baby (feat. Cashmere Cat)’ My Everything, Ariana Grande (2014) 

122: ‘Wit It This Christmas’ Christmas & Chill, Ariana Grande (2015) 

121: ‘One Last Time’ My Everything, Ariana Grande (2014) 

120: ‘Hands On Me (feat. A$AP Ferg)’ My Everything, Ariana Grande (2014) 

119: ‘blazed (feat. Pharrell Williams)’ Sweetener, Ariana Grande (2018) 

118: ‘breathin’ Sweetener, Ariana Grande (2018) 


The Weeknd and Ariana Grande for VEVO

117: ‘Best Mistake (feat. Big Sean)’ My Everything, Ariana Grande (2014) 

116: ‘Intro’ My Everything, Ariana Grande (2014) 

115: ‘Almost Is Never Enough (feat. Nathan Sykes)’ Yours Truly, Ariana Grande (2013) 

114: ‘Die For You (Remix)’ Die For You (Remix) – Single, The Weeknd, Ariana Grande (2023)

113: ‘Heatstroke (feat. Young Thug, Pharrell Williams & Ariana Grande)’ Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1, Calvin Harris (2017) 

112: ‘motive (feat. Doja Cat)’ Positions, Ariana Grande 

111: ‘bed (feat. Ariana Grande)’ Queen, Nicki Minaj (2018) 

110: ‘successful’ Sweetener, Ariana Grande (2018) 

109: ‘better off’ Sweetener, Ariana Grande (2018) 

108: ‘Love Is Everything’ Christmas & Chill, Ariana Grande (2013) 

107: ‘test drive’ Positions (Deluxe), Ariana Grande (2021) 

106: ‘needy’ thank u, next, Ariana Grande (2019) 

Ariana Grande for Yours Truly (10th Anniversary)

105: ‘Bad to You’ Charlie’s Angels (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), Ariana Grande, Normani & Nicki Minaj (2019) 

104: ‘shut up’ Positions, Ariana Grande (2020) 

103: ‘Honeymoon Avenue (Live from London)’ Yours Truly (Tenth Anniversary Edition), Ariana Grande 

  • An “original version” of the song, with an upbeat production featuring The Dap Kings, was posted to SoundCloud back in 2016. 

102: ‘I Don’t Care’ Dangerous Woman, Ariana Grande (2016) 

101: ‘Adore (feat. Ariana Grande)’ Adore (feat. Ariana Grande) – Single, Cashmere Cat (2014)

100: ‘Bad Decisions’ Dangerous Woman, Ariana Grande (2016) 

99: ‘borderline (feat. Missy Elliott)’ Sweetener, Ariana Grande (2018) 


Ariana Grande in thank u, next

98: ‘sweetener’ Sweetener, Ariana Grande (2018) 

97: ‘Sometimes’ Dangerous Woman, Ariana Grande (2016) 

96: ‘everytime’ Sweetener, Ariana Grande (2018) 

95: ‘just like magic’ Positions, Ariana Grande 

94: ‘December’ Christmas & Chill, Ariana Grande (2015) 

93: ‘Leave Me Lonely (feat. Macy Gray)’ Dangerous Woman, Ariana Grande (2016) 

92: ‘thank u, next’ thank u, next, Ariana Grande (2018) 

91: ‘Got Her Own’ Charlie’s Angels (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), Ariana Grande & Victoria Monét (2019) 

90: ‘nasty’ Positions, Ariana Grande (2020) 

89: ‘Oh Santa!’ (Remix) (feat. Ariana Grande & Jennifer Hudson) Mariah Carey’s Magical Christmas Special (Apple TV+ Original Soundtrack), Mariah Carey (2020) 

88: ‘Break Free (feat. Zedd)’ My Everything, Ariana Grande (2014) 

87: ‘7 rings’ thank u, next, Ariana Grande (2019) 

86: ‘7 rings (Remix) (feat. 2 Chainz)’ 7 rings (Remix) (Ft. 2 Chainz) – Single, Ariana Grande (2019) 

85: ‘You’ll Never Know’ Yours Truly, Ariana Grande (2013) 


Ariana Grande for Sweetener

84: ‘MONOPOLY’ MONOPOLY – Single, Ariana Grande & Victoria Monét (2019) 

83: ‘raindrops (an angel cried)’ Sweetener, Ariana Grande (2018) 

82: ‘Santa Tell Me’ Santa Tell Me – Single, Ariana Grande (2014) 

81: ‘My Everything’ My Everything, Ariana Grande (2014) 

80: ‘How I Look on You’ Charlie’s Angels (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), Ariana Grande (2019) 

79: ‘Why Try’ My Everything, Ariana Grande (2014) 

78: ‘ghostin’ thank u, next, Ariana Grande (2019) 

77: ‘the light is coming (feat. Nicki Minaj)’ Sweetener, Ariana Grande (2018) 

76: ‘i wish i hated you’ Eternal Sunshine, Ariana Grande (2024) 

75: ‘Get On Your Knees’ (feat. Ariana Grande) The Pinkprint, Nicki Minaj (2014) 

74: ‘Everyday (feat. Future)’ Dangerous Woman, Ariana Grande (2016) 


Ariana Grande in Positions

73: ‘Be Alright’ Dangerous Woman, Ariana Grande (2016) 

72: ‘make up’ thank u, next, Ariana Grande (2019) 

71: ’34+35′ Positions, Ariana Grande (2020) 

70: ‘ordinary things (feat. Nonna)’ Eternal Sunshine, Ariana Grande (2024) 

69: ‘positions’ Positions, Ariana Grande (2020) 

68: ‘You Don’t Know Me’ My Everything (Deluxe Version), Ariana Grande (2014) 

67: ‘Give It Up’ (Victorious: Music from the Hit TV Show), Elizabeth Gillies & Ariana Grande (2011) 

66: ‘Love Me Harder (Ariana Grande & The Weeknd)’ My Everything, Ariana Grande (2014) 

Ariana Grande in yes, and

65: ‘yes, and?’ Eternal Sunshine, Ariana Grande (2024) 

64: ‘worst behavior’ Positions (Deluxe), Ariana Grande (2021) 

63: ‘fake smile’ thank u, next, Ariana Grande (2019) 

62: ‘Winter Things’ Christmas & Chill, Ariana Grande (2015) 

61: ‘NASA’ thank u, next, Ariana Grande (2019) 

60: ‘Touch It’ Dangerous Woman, Ariana Grande (2016) 

59: ‘Problem (feat. Iggy Azalea)’ My Everything, Ariana Grande (2014) 


Doja Cat, Ariana Grande, and Megan Thee Stallion for 34+35 (Remix)

58: ‘off the table (feat. The Weeknd)’ Positions, Ariana Grande 

57: ‘Dangerous Woman’ Dangerous Woman, Ariana Grande (2016) 

56: ’34+35 (Remix) (feat. Doja Cat & Megan Thee Stallion)’ Positions (Deluxe), Ariana Grande (2021) 

55: ‘Lovin’ It’ Yours Truly, Ariana Grande (2013) 

54: ‘Bang Bang’ Sweet Talker, Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj (2014) 

53: ‘true story’ Eternal Sunshine, Ariana Grande (2024) 

52: ‘Moonlight’ Dangerous Woman, Ariana Grande (2016) 

51: ‘Stuck with U’ Stuck with U – Single, Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber (2020) 

50: ‘goodnight n go’ Sweetener, Ariana Grande (2018) 

49: ‘Only 1’ My Everything (Deluxe Version), Ariana Grande (2014) 

48: ‘bad idea’ thank u, next, Ariana Grande (2019) 

47: ‘intro (end of the world)’ Eternal Sunshine, Ariana Grande (2024) 


Ariana Grande in The Boy Is Mine

46: ‘six thirty’ Positions, Ariana Grande (2020) 

45: ‘supernatural’ Eternal Sunshine, Ariana Grande (2024) 

44: ‘the boy is mine’ Eternal Sunshine, Ariana Grande (2024) 

43: ‘Met Him Last Night’ (feat. Ariana Grande) Dancing with the Devil… The Art of Starting Over, Demi Lovato (2021) 

42: ‘Rain On Me’ Chromatica, Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande (2020) 

41: ‘Let Me Love You (feat. Lil Wayne)’ Dangerous Woman, Ariana Grande (2016) 

40: ‘main thing’ Positions (Deluxe), Ariana Grande (2021) 

39: ‘Greedy’ Dangerous Woman, Ariana Grande (2016) 

38: ‘imagine’ thank u, next, Ariana Grande (2019) 

Mac Miller and Ariana Grande in The Way

37: ‘get well soon’ Sweetener, Ariana Grande (2018) 

36: ‘The Way (feat. Mac Miller)’ Yours Truly, Ariana Grande (2013) 

35: ‘I Don’t Do Drugs’ (feat. Ariana Grande) Planet Her, Doja Cat (2021) 

34: ‘my hair’ Positions, Ariana Grande (2020) 

33: ‘Boyfriend’ Boyfriend – Single, Ariana Grande & Social House (2019) 

32: ‘Thinking Bout You’ Dangerous Woman, Ariana Grande (2016) 


Ariana Grande and Charles Melton for Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored

31: ‘Into You (Remix) (feat. Mac Miller)’ SoundCloud, Ariana Grande (2016) 

  • On an already top-tier pop song, Mac Miller’s verse on this “Into You” remix takes the cake for me. Posted to her SoundCloud page in 2016, Grande switches up the production to be a little more groovy, leading into Miller’s excellent takeover of the second verse.

30: ‘break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored’ thank u, next, Ariana Grande (2019) 

  • It would be a lie if you didn’t immediately get on the dancefloor if this started playing. “break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored” was an instant classic, bringing the playful side of Ariana forth.

29: ‘love language’ Positions, Ariana Grande (2020) 

  • The song starting with a swarm of violins, “love language” is yet another love song to add to Grande’s increasing list. The maximalist, yet simple, production on the track gifts us with another set of dreamy lyrics as she seduces her lover.

28: ‘eternal sunshine’ Eternal Sunshine, Ariana Grande (2024) 

  • With lyrics like “I showed you all my demons, all my lies; Yet you played me like Atari; Now it’s like I’m lookin’ in the mirror,” “eternal sunshine” takes the crown for Grande’s most honest song ever written. With a stunning trap beat to a scrumptious melodic pattern in the chorus, all the way to the catchiest bridge you’ve heard in your life, “eternal sunshine” just takes the cake.

27: ‘the boy is mine (Remix)’ the boy is mine (Remix) – Single, Ariana Grande, Brandy, Monica (2024)

  • As a surprise flash to the past, Brandy and Monica transform an already fun song into an R&B classic! The additional bridge adds so much flavor to the track, and even though the duo each sings Grande’s verses, the new rendition never feels like it’s missing her. The battling harmonies hit every nook and cranny in your brain, providing just the right amount of Heaven.

26: ‘Honeymoon Avenue’ Yours Truly, Ariana Grande (2013) 

  • The first track on Yours Truly, I think it would be considered blasphemous if someone were to ever outright dislike this song. “Honeymoon Avenue” is the anthem of Grande’s entire career, and if you haven’t listened to it, what are you doing???

25: ‘Break Your Heart Right Back (feat. Childish Gambino)’ My Everything, Ariana Grande (2014) 

  • Sampling Diana Ross’s iconic “I’m Coming Out,” Grande teams up with Childish Gambino to create one of the best pop songs of her career. Glover raps along the bridge in such a way that it makes me regret not listening to him more (though, “Time” made me feel not so bad). The chorus is incredibly cheerful, finished with victory-run level belts and riffs. The lyrical content also foreshadows a vengeful side to Grande’s humor, present in songs like “break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored” and “the boy is mine.”

24: ‘Daydreamin” Yours Truly, Ariana Grande (2013) 

  • Starting off with a minor chord progression, the melody of “Daydreamin’” helps it stand out in the genre of love ballads. Between that and its whimsical lyricism, there is so much about this song that makes it delightfully entertaining.

23: ‘west side’ Positions, Ariana Grande (2020) 

  • If you asked any musician what their favorite song off Positions was, they would most likely respond with “west side.” The track is insanely catchy, yet so particularly well-measured that it invokes the pickiness that Grande sings about throughout the lyrics. 

22: ‘bloodline’ thank u, next, Ariana Grande (2019) 

  • One of the most underrated songs in her discography, “bloodline” is a bop that resonates with everyone who hears it, even a single time. The entrancing production is layered under the most strikingly fun “Ariana-nese” vocals, boosting the live performace of the song to most anticipated on her Sweetener World Tour

21: ‘in my head’ thank u, next, Ariana Grande (2019) 

  • Another one of the most underrated songs in her discography, “in my head” follows a story of battling with the truth about how to perceive her lover. In the future, Grande would compose quite the opposite feeling, that she was too mature in the relationship, with “pov,” a song about not understanding how the other grasps her. The bridge in this song constantly gets ignored when inciting the conversation concerning Grande’s lyrical abilities, as they clearly didn’t hear “Wanted you to grow, but, boy, you wasn’t budding; Everything you are made you everything you aren’t; I saw your potential without seein’ credentials; Maybe that’s the issue” correctly.
Ariana Grande in No Tears Left To Cry

20: ‘no tears left to cry’ Sweetener, Ariana Grande (2017)

  • Fresh off a hiatus following her Dangerous Woman Tour, Grande responds to the previous year of mental torment with this immensely courageous, grand slam of a comeback single. 

19: ‘obvious’ Positions, Ariana Grande (2020) 

  • I know you’re probably thinking this placement is controversial, but trust me when I say “Obvious” is one of the catchiest tunes Grande’s ever written. The song showcases another tremendous effort at lyricism, drawing from her naturally loyal side. In the end, I’d compare this track to a song like Sabrina Carpenter’s “Espresso,” as it doesn’t take much to convince you to play it over and over again. 

18: ‘Tattooed Heart’ Yours Truly, Ariana Grande (2013) 

  • A lyrical masterpiece written by a 17-year-old Grande, “Tattooed Heart” is proof of Grande’s prodigal status. “Tattooed Heart” is a love ballad drenched in soul, all leading up to a bridge consisting of some of the dreamiest lines she’s written. 

17: ‘safety net (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)’ Positions, Ariana Grande (2020) 

  • If Positions was a bigger album, I’m positive this track would have gotten to number one with a music video during the Fall. “Safety Net” is one of the only songs off this album to become a soft-hit, as it’s euphoricly-layered performance is indistinguishable from the sound of Heaven itself. Ty Dolla $ign adds a brilliantly matching resonance to the track, singing harmoniously along with Grande towards the end of the song.

16: ‘R.E.M.’ Sweetener, Ariana Grande (2018) 

  • Originally a track written for Beyonce, Grande’s light tone distinguishes these harmonies and riffs as singular in her discography. “R.E.M.” is enough of a fan-favorite that it became the namesake of Grande’s makeup brand, R.E.M. Beauty.

15: ‘supernatural’ (feat. Troye Sivan) Eternal Sunshine (Slightly Deluxe), Ariana Grande (2024) 

  • One of the weaker songs on eternal sunshine lyrically, it’s undeniable that Supernatural is one of the greatest pop songs ever composed. The only thing that could make this track better was a tenor-baritone complimenting this airy tune, and God bless Troye Sivan for his addition to the track. I only wish this version was on the original edition of the album, though I pray that Sivan’s remix gets released as a single with a music video.

14: ‘don’t wanna break up again’ Eternal Sunshine, Ariana Grande (2024) 

  • “Don’t Want To Break Up Again” is another one of Grande’s most brutally honest songs with stellar production. From admitting her marriage was a “situationship,” to not wanting to “fuck with [his] head” for it’s “breaking [her] heart,” the track is a jewel amongst her treasury. Grande shows no compromise when it comes to innovation, and this track is deeply reflective of her ethic.
Troye Sivan and Ariana Grande in Dance To This

13: ‘Dance to This’ (feat. Ariana Grande) Bloom, Troye Sivan (2018) 

  • Released as promotion for her upcoming, at the time, album “Sweetener,” Grande collaborated with Troye Sivan for his track, “Dance To This.” The duo delivered one of the best tracks in either of their discographies, and the song never hesitates to make you stand up and “dance to this” song.

12: ‘Baby I’ Yours Truly, Ariana Grande (2013) 

  • The second single off of Yours Truly, “Baby I” is the biggest step up from her previous solo release, “Put Your Hearts Up.” The groovy beat throughout the song culminates in a fast-paced collage of anxious love, matching the lyrics.

11: ‘Santa, Can’t You Hear Me’ When Christmas Comes Around, Kelly Clarkson & Ariana Grande (2021) 

  • Recorded when they were both judges on the 2021 season of The Voice, Kelly Clarkson and Grande’s vocal dynamics on this track shot this original Christmas Carol up to the top of everyone’s holiday playlists. Despite Grande’s many strong attempts at Christmas music, “Santa, Can’t You Hear me” appeals to a much broader, mature audience than “Santa Tell Me.” If performed annually, this song has the potential to break in the Billboard Top 10 every single December. 

Top 10 (S):

Ariana Grande for Saturday Night Live

10: ‘Jason’s Song (Gave It Away)’ Dangerous Woman (Target Exclusive Edition), Ariana Grande (2016)

  • Named after co-writer Jason Robert Brown, “Gave It Away” is one of the strongest songs in Grande’s discography. Unknowingly to most, The lyrics in the song actually reference a falling out between her and her manager Scooter Braun, who at the time was fired after, clearly, attempting to control Grande’s image. Braun was later rehired towards the end of 2016, but would later be fired in 2023 for unknown reasons. The song itself is a jazz Palooza, and educated musicians, who may usually reject pop stars, pay no attention to their disdain for the genre when presented with this masterpiece.

9: ‘imperfect for you’ Eternal Sunshine, Ariana Grande (2024) 

  • In a similar lyrical vein to songs like “six thirty” and “fake smile,” Grande never fails to deliver a somber song with class. Somehow, when I listen to this song and pay attention to the lyrics, you can vividly imagine the story built throughout (and at least in my head, in slow-motion), of which the production matches quite cinematically.

8: ‘Save Your Tears (Remix)’ Save Your Tears (Remix) – Single, The Weeknd & Ariana Grande (2021) 

  • Teaming up to capitalize on the success of The Weeknd’s After Hours, Grande’s verse on this “Save Your Tears” remix excellently completes the song. The ending pre-chorus into the chorus won’t escape your head after listening to it once.

7: ‘Into You’ Dangerous Woman, Ariana Grande (2016) 

  • Her smash 2016 hit, “Into You” is unanimously one of Grande’s biggest fan-favorites. The calm lead up into the booming chorus leading all the way into the superlative bridge marks “Into You” as a distinct treasure amongst her singles.
Ariana Grande in Into You

6: ‘bye’ Eternal Sunshine, Ariana Grande (2024) 

  • The opening track of eternal sunshine, “bye” is easily one of Grande’s most impressive works yet. The song is a power ballad about sticking up for yourself and knowing when it’s time to leave a situation. Poised to be her next single, “bye” has the possibility of becoming Grande’s next huge hit. 

5: ‘pov’ Positions, Ariana Grande (2020) 

  • Until eternal sunshine’s release, “pov” held the spot for Grande’s most lyrical song. “I want to love me, the way that you love me, …I’d love to see me from your point of view.” This chorus is a truly profound perspective on yearning recognition. Grande sings about lacking trust in her lover based on her self image, curious to uncover the truth.

4: ‘we can’t be friends (wait for your love)’ Eternal Sunshine, Ariana Grande (2024) 

  • “We Can’t Be Friends” is the surprise smash hit that cemented Grande as one that can’t be defeated. In these brutally honest lyrics, Grande sings of waiting for everyone to like her for herself once again. The context of the album enhances the song even more as she knows when to admit when she’s wrong, one of her brightest strengths. 

3: ‘Right There (feat. Big Sean)’ Yours Truly, Ariana Grande (2013) 

  • The third single off her first album Yours Truly, “Right There” has aged so well that if Grande were to release it today, I feel it would probably be one of her biggest hits ever. Big Sean’s verse completes this masterpiece of a track, which is brilliantly produced by Harmony Samuels. 

2: ‘God is a woman’ Sweetener, Ariana Grande (2018) 

  • God is a woman is easily one of the strongest pop songs ever constructed. The song teases a side of Grande’s talent that she loves to play with, and that’s making dirty songs sound too fun for anyone to turn off. 
Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj for Side to Side

1: ‘Side To Side (feat. Nicki Minaj)’ Dangerous Woman, Ariana Grande (2016) 

  • “Side To Side” is more than a pop song, it’s a thesis statement. From Grande’s iconic top-tier riff, to Nicki Minaj’s proclamation that “Ariana run pop,” it is undeniable how this song catapulted the public perception of Grande from a bubbly-pop girl to one of the most talented musicians of all time.
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