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8 Fantastic Films to Watch This Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day, so I wanted to highlight some fantastic movies that feature fatherhood in one form or the other. Most of these films portray complicated relationships, Hollywood’s favorite trope when it comes to Fathers, but how can you…

‘Mission: Impossible 8’ Production Delayed Following Equipment Malfunction

One of Hollywood’s biggest franchises, Mission: Impossible, has had a delay with its latest film, Mission: Impossible 8. 

‘IF’ Review: An Unimaginative Tale

John Krasinski’s follow-up film to the ‘A Quiet Place’ duology manifests with ‘IF’. Read our full review.

‘Severance’ Breakout Tramell Tillman Cast in ‘Mission: Impossible 8’

Tramell Tillman is joining Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible 8 which is currently set to release on May 23, 2025 in theatres.

Damien Chazelle Set To Direct Prison Film For Paramount — Releasing 2025

It seems like Damien Chazelle has broken out of his directors jail with the announcement that he’s now directing a film set in a prison.