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Top 10 Essential Albums of May 2024

This year truly is the most loaded year for music in a while. It’s only May, yet we already have so many great albums with more yet to come. A lot of good music albums dropped in May, however these are the ten albums that you must definitely give a shot:

10. Guster: Ooh La La

Top 10 Essential Albums of May 2024

A simple, breezy and joyful album to cool off the summer heat. This is certainly a new leap for Guster, for the better. Don’t wait, just tune in and vibe.

9. La Luz: News Of The Universe

Top 10 Essential Albums of May 2024

A short and concise album tiptoeing into the realm of Neo-Psychedelia. The layered instumentation along with the delicate vocals sets up a vibey atmosphere. The lyrics at times can be thematically heavy but it is all enshrouded within a cloud of sweet melody. Do not sleep on this one.

Track Recommendations: “Dandelions”, “Strange World”, “Poppies”, “I’ll Go With You”, “Good Luck With Your Secrets”

8. Shellac: To All Trains

Top 10 Essential Albums of May 2024

A bittersweet farewell. This is certainly not their best album, that being said, some tracks here do try to achieve the Shellac high. The band certainly went out on a respectable note. Rest In Peace, Steve Albini.

Track Recommendations: “WSOD”, “Tattoos”, “Chic New Wave”, “I Don’t Fear Hell”

7. Crumb: AMAMA

Top 10 Essential Albums of May 2024

Crumb is back with their third album and they are even more dreamy, playful and experimentational with the songs. If you’re someone who is already familiar with the game of Crumb then you’re in for a treat; if you’re not familiar with Crumb, definitely give this album a shot, at least twice. This album is a grower with some instantly likable songs.

Track Recommendations: “Side by Side”, “AMAMA”, “XXX”

6. Jessica Pratt: Here in the Pitch

Top 10 Essential Albums of May 2024

Super short and super sweet album with hypnotic vocals that evoke a strong sense of nostalgia.

Track Recommendations: “Life Is”, “Better Hate”, “The Last Year”

5. DIIV: Frog In Boiling Water

Top 10 Essential Albums of May 2024

The ferocity with which DIIV were releasing singles made me worried that they weren’t going to leave anything on the album as a surprise. Thankfully, there were some pleasantly surprising songs in the album. With this good exercise in shoegaze and dream pop, the band shows a great suggestive power for what’s to come; I wish them luck.

Track Recommendations: “Brown Paper Bag”, “Raining on Your Pillow”, “Frog in Boiling Water”, “Everyone Out”, “Somber The Drums”

4. A.G. Cook: Britpop

Top 10 Essential Albums of May 2024

No, this has got nothing to do with the britpop-genre and yes, the runtime can seem daunting at first. Alexander cooks and makes sure you’re fed well. Most of my favourite tracks are from Disc #3, so listen to it as a whole, and then maybe devour the entire album.

PS: Make sure to check out “Soulbreaker’s” MV.

3. Billie Eilish: Hit Me Hard and Soft

Top 10 Essential Albums of May 2024

Honestly, in my opinion, this is the best Billie Eilish album so far. With this album, Billie showcases that she’s so adept in her art that she could turn her critics into converts. Easily one of the best mainstream pop artists in the current landscape. This album has no misses, however I do like some songs over others. Some tracks were surprising in how smoothly they undergo a tonal change, “L’amour De Ma Vie” for example. The production quality is impressive.

Track Recommendations: “Lunch”, “Chihiro”, “Wildflower”, “L’amour De Ma Vie”, “Blue”, “Birds of A Feather”

2. The Marías: Submarine

Top 10 Essential Albums of May 2024

Just on the final day of May, The Marías dropped this banger. All their singles were incredible which ultimately pushed this album to my highly anticipated release of 2024, and they did not disappoint. Every single track in this album is an instant hit, not a single weakling. Do yourself a favour and give it a go, you won’t regret it.

Track Recommendations: ALL OF THEM

1. Beth Gibbons: Lives Outgrowth

Top 10 Essential Albums of May 2024

With such power in vocals, such depths in lyrics, such quality in production, no one is doing it like Beth Gibbons. This is a treat for Portishead-pilled individuals. Gibbons hits a home run with this album and I highly recommend you to give it a try if you haven’t already. Oh, this is definitely ending up in my year-end best of 2024 list. What a fantastic year for music isn’t it?

Track Recommendations: “Floating on a Moment”, “Lost Changes”, “Reaching Out”, “Oceans”, “Whispering Love”, “Beyond the Sun”

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