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8 Fantastic Films to Watch This Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day, so I wanted to highlight some fantastic movies that feature fatherhood in one form or the other. Most of these films portray complicated relationships, Hollywood’s favorite trope when it comes to Fathers, but how can you…

Celine Song’s ‘Materialists’ Finishes Principal Shoot

Following awards attention with Past Lives, director-writer Celine Song has just finished shooting her sophomore feature, Materialists.

A24’s ‘I Saw The TV Glow’ Underscores The Modern Struggle Of Being An Artist 

Director Jane Schoenbrun’s second film, I Saw The TV Glow is a leap in the creative and technological landscapes of directing. By illustrating an allegory based on their transgender background, Schoenbrun spotlights the lived experiences of many who’ve forsaken their…

The Intrinsic Transness of ‘I Saw the TV Glow’

The film opened last week to rave reviews but has been somewhat divisive. The divide comes from cis- and queer/transgender audiences. 

A24 Reported To Cease Development On ‘Friday The 13th’ Prequel

One of A24’s most anticipated projects, Crystal Lake, has reportedly been put on hold. Read below to find out a possible reason as to why.

‘I Saw The TV Glow’ Review: A Horrifying Identity Crisis

A movie so harrowing, disturbing and deeply person you’d have to see it for yourself, enter for a review of I Saw The TV Glow!

‘Sing Sing’ Review: Not a Prison Film

Heartwarming, touching, and powerful, Sing Sing is a story about the power that art and companionship hold — told through a profound and meticulously crafted narrative that can make you burst out laughing or get you misty-eyed in the span…

Dissecting The Politics Of ‘Civil War’

Now that Alex Garland’s latest feature, Civil War, is in theatres, audiences are left with questions surrounding what the war was fought over and what the consequences are.

‘Civil War’ Review: A Harrowing Depiction Of Urban Warfare

In one word, Civil War could be described as “harrowing.” Garland almost never lets up, jumping from one gut turning scene to another.