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Mike Flanagan Joins Chris Stuckmann’s ‘Shelby Oaks’ As Exec. Producer

Mike Flanagan, best known for creating The Haunting Of Hill House, has joined YouTuber Chris Stuckmann’s directorial debut, Shelby Oaks

 Mike Flanagan Joins Chris Stuckmann’s ‘Shelby Oaks’ As Exec. Producer
Behind The Scenes On Shelby Oaks / Image Courtesy of ShelbyOaks.com

Helping Small Filmmakers

In a new report from Deadline, one of the biggest names in modern horror, Mike Flanagan, will executive produce the Kickstarter-funded horror film. It’s an interesting direction for Flanagan but seemingly a good one, supporting low-budget horror from first-time directors.

That’s right, Shelby Oaks is directed by YouTuber and movie critic Chris Stuckmann. Stuckmann is one of the biggest film creators on the platform and has been in the space since 2009 when he first uploaded to his channel. So you can see why the filmmaker was an easy target for Flanagan.  

It’s not an entirely foreign move for Flanagan either, as he has executive-produced in the past. In particular his works include, Dobaara: See Your Evil, the upcoming remake of The Room and now Shelby Oaks

Paranormal Paranoids / Image Courtesy of JesstheParanoid via YouTube

The History of Shelby Oaks

The film will follow Mia (Camille Sullivan) as she searches for her sister, Riley (Sarah Durn), who has mysteriously disappeared after recording an episode of her supernatural investigative series, Paranormal Paranoids. As Mia becomes more obsessive, she begins to worry whether Riley’s imaginary childhood demon is real after all. 

While being announced in July of 2021, the film did not begin its fabled Kickstarter campaign until March 1, 2022, and in doing so, the film broke records. Within a day, it reached its target goal of $250,000 and a week later broke Kickstarter’s record for the most funded horror movie project. By the end of the campaign’s run, it grossed a total of $1,390,845 from 14,720 backers. 

Behind The Scenes On Shelby Oaks / Image Courtesy of ShelbyOaks.com

Anyone Else?

Additionally, Flanagan’s producing partners Trevor Macy and Melinda Nishioka from Intrepid Pictures will be joining Shelby Oaks as executive producers. Flanagan himself recently released The Fall Of The House Of Usher on Netflix. He also just finished filming on his next film, The Life Of Chuck, which adapts the Stephen King novella of the same name and stars Tom Hiddleston and Mark Hamill among others. 

Shelby Oaks is directed by Chris Stuckmann, and produced by Aaron B. Koontz, Cameron Burns, Ashleigh Snead, Mike Flanagan, Trevor Macy, and Melinda Nishioka. It stars Camille Sullivan, Brendan Sexton III, and Michael Beach. Although the film does not have a release date, it is being shopped to festivals and has completed post-production. 

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