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‘Among Us’ Animated Series: Everything We Know So Far

Find out everything to know about the upcoming Among Us series based on the hit video game releasing for CBS.

‘Fallout’ Review: A Video Game Adaptation Done Right

Prime Video’s Fallout is not one of the many bland and forgettable entries to the desolate wasteland of adaptations, but a Nuka-Cola Quantum oasis. 

‘The Walking Dead: Dead City’ Season 2 Has Begun Filming

After a successful first season, Season 2 of The Walking Dead: Dead City is currently under production in Boston. When & where? Find out now.

‘Ripley’ Review: A Fresh Reimagining of the Story We Know

Netflix’s Ripley provides a compelling tale of a nihilistic conman with an exquisite velvety black-and-white cinematography.

‘Fallout’ Episode Runtimes (Exclusive)

The runtimes of all Fallout episodes dropping on Amazon Prime Video on April 11

Why TV Shows Are Better Than Film (Opinion)

FIlm may have a richer history, but TV Shows today are better than Film.

‘Dead Boy Detectives’ Episode Runtimes (Exclusive)

We can exclusively report the runtime for the new Dead Boy Detectives series streaming on Netflix April 25th.

‘Reacher’ Season 3 Working Title Revealed

Prime Video’s hit TV series Reacher has presumably finished filming its third season, and we have confirmation regarding the series to share.

What is ‘The Walking Dead’s Civic Republic? (Spoilers)

Find out what the Civic Republic is—its military and its surrounding characters from The Walking Dead shows.

‘The Acolyte’ Special Footage First Details Revealed (Exclusive)

We can exclusively reveal the first details and length of The Acolyte footage from The Phantom Menace re-release.

‘Extraordinary’ Season 2 Review: A Very Ordinary Sophomore Season

There is an extraordinary challenge of making a second season for a well-received show. The second installment in some ways went too extra, losing out on some of the ordinary that made it extraordinary.

New ‘Mickey Mouse Club’ Series In The Works (Exclusive)

We may see a new generation of stars as we can exclusively report that The Mickey Mouse Club is being rebooted for a fourth time.

‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ Review: Better than the Film?

This review was made possible by attending a fan screening of Percy Jackson and the Olympians located in Chicago. I had the opportunity to watch the first two episodes of the Disney+ original series Percy Jackson and the Olympians, which…