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‘The Boys’ Season 4: Episodes 1-3 Breakdown

Enter below for in-depth breakdowns of the first three episodes of The Boys Season 4, which are now streaming on Prime Video. 

Ariana Grande Breaks Silence On “Quiet On Set” Docuseries, Child Acting On Nickelodeon

In the first part of her podcast episode on Podcrushed, hosted by Penn Badgley, Sophie Ansari, and Nava Kavelin; guest Ariana Grande speaks out about recontextualizing her career as a child actor. Following a run on Broadway’s 13: The Musical…

‘The Boys’ Season 4 Review: A Gyrating Season Skittering Out of Control

The Boys are back for the fourth season, with a nimbler and not-so-subtle political satire, yet a stronger story and well realised characters.

Hunter Schafer Reportedly In Talks For Lead Role In ‘Blade Runner 2099’

According to insiders, Hunter Schafer is in talks to join the sci-fi franchise in Prime Video series Blade Runner 2099. Read the full story.

‘The Acolyte’ Premiere Review: A Much Needed Fresh Start

After years of projects stuck in the confines of the Skywalker Saga, Disney has finally broken free and released The Acolyte; Read our review.

Tom Bombadil To Make Live-Action Debut In ‘Lord of the Rings: Rings Of Power’ Season 2

Tom Bombadil, one of the most iconic characters from the Lord of the Rings books, will finally make his transition to live-action.

5 Characters Giancarlo Esposito Could Be Playing In The MCU

After revealing that he had been cast in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Giancarlo Esposito has issued more information on his role and where he may appear. While on stage for an event at CCXP in early May, the Breaking Bad…

‘The Sympathizer’ Review: HBO’s Glorious Return To Form

The duality of the narrator, torn between discretion and compassion towards his ideology drives the narrative of The Sympathizer.

‘Eric’ Review: Tense, Gritty And Hopeful

Netflix has had a thrilling year with shows, such as rating juggernauts Baby Reindeer and Ripley. Now, Eric is looking to join the roster. 

‘My Adventures With Superman’ Season 2 Review: Action Packed Glory

Following a successful but unconventional first season, the last son of Krypton is back for round 2 in Adult Swim’s My Adventures With Superman

Dear Streaming Services: Stop Splitting Up Seasons

Why are the streamers so adamant about trying to divide their seasons into parts? Netflix Splitting Up Cobra Kai and That ‘90s Show’s Seasons Earlier this month, Netflix announced that they were splitting a couple of their upcoming seasons into…

‘Sugar’ Review: Fernando Meirelles Puts It Right On Our Tongue

Sugar breaks all conventional styles of filmmaking and paves the way for something wildly original and fresh. Find out why Sugar is one of the best shows of the year inside.

‘Outer Range’ S2 Review: The Mystery Deepens

One of Amazon Prime Video’s biggest series, Outer Range, has returned for its second season, find out if it surpasses the first below.

‘Dune: Prophecy’ Teaser: Breakdown and Details You Might Have Missed

The teaser for the first series in the Dune franchise, ‘Dune: Prophecy’, has arrived. Read the article to learn about some details you may have missed.