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‘Jurassic World 4’ To Have Six Leads, Dev Patel In Talks

After a two-year hiatus, Universal is beginning the casting process for the fourth Jurassic World film. How many leads? Find out inside.

‘Five Nights at Freddy’s 2’ Officially A Go At Blumhouse

Since October, one question has been plaguing Blumhouse CEO Jason Blum’s mentions on Twitter/X. A question that we finally got an answer to this evening.

‘Monkey Man’ Review: Sets The Bar For Indian Representation In Hollywood

Dev Patel sets the bar high with his directorial debut Monkey Man, creating a monumental achievement with his evident potential.

‘Monkey Man’ Reactions Point To New Peak Of South Asian Representation

Despite a rich cultural history, Indian representation is painfully absent in Hollywood and Monkey Man is looking to change that.

The Forgotten Fifth Ghostbusters Film

Ghostbusters is one of the world’s most popular horror franchises but have you heard of its fifth canon film?

‘The Fall Guy’ Review: A Love Letter to Filmmaking

The Fall Guy is about love for film production and love for all the stunt performers that put their lives on the line.

‘Five Nights At Freddy’s’ Review: Great On Paper, Bad Execution

Five Nights At Freddy’s comes across as more of a fan film that tries to replicate a few fan favourite moments attached by a half hearted story and nonsensical killing.