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‘Fortnite’: The Hard Truth About Levels (Guide)

Many gamers have noticed a pattern lately. Leveling up in Fortnite (specifically tiers 100 and above) is not like it used to be; instead, it’s actually more difficult to accomplish. This article speculates on why that is, providing my recommendations to level up in this new season.

'Fortnite': The Hard Truth About Levels (Guide)
Fortnite / Image Courtesy of Epic Games

With Fortnite dipping its toes in the concept of the Metaverse, we’ve seen three new modes enter the franchise: LEGO Fortnite, Rocket Racing, and Fortnite Festival; with an eventual “Disney Mode” set to release in the future. Along with new cosmetics, we’ve also seen that each mode rewards Battle Royale EXP. This helped to motivate more players to try out the new modes initially but now it seems like players are forced to play these games in order to fully complete the battle pass. Personally, had I not played LEGO Fortnite at the start of the season and begun doing daily missions in Rocket Racing, I wouldn’t have seen myself hitting Tier 200.

I believe this change was done in an effort to keep the player counts high in each mode, as they have not been doing well in that regard. Nonetheless, Battle Royale still dominates as the most-played mode in the game. By forcing players to log in daily, the overall player count per day can look a lot more attractive to investors.

My Recommendations

'Fortnite': The Hard Truth About Levels (Guide)
Fortnite / Image Courtesy of Epic Games

The sad truth is that, no matter what, you will have to play daily to safely secure Tier 200. While there are Fortnite Creative maps that offer “AFK XP,” I’ve personally not had the best luck with those. Often, you have to be quick to take advantage of these exploits as they tend to get patched relatively quickly. However, playing daily is not as time consuming as one might think, it can actually be done relatively quickly depending on how you approach it.

Starting with Battle Royale, players can earn up to between 48K to 60K upon completing 3 daily quests, which is between 0.6 to 0.75 levels per day. I tend to look for easier daily quests, which grant 1K XP upon completion. However, there are the harder missions that grant 5K. Once in, I immediately leave and queue for another match. This turns a typically 20-minute match down to about 2-3 minutes (depending on the quest, of course). With this in mind, we can say that Battle Royale dailies take only 10 minutes each day.

In Rocket Racing, the same can be said: upon completing 6 daily missions, you can earn roughly 60K EXP or more (depending on how many races it takes to complete the missions). This is a further 0.75 levels per day. Again, this averages about 10 minutes of play daily, so completing both Battle Royale and Rocket Racing dailies will earn you between 1.35 and 1.5 levels daily.

Creative is where things can get a little complicated. While it can yield 78k EXP, or 0.975 levels per day when completing the 3 daily missions, the difference is not worth the time spent to achieve it, especially if you’re short on time. For example, while the 250+ Medium Parkour ⭐ (Island Code: 0025-1592-9890) allows me to finish all my missions, it takes approximately half an hour for me to complete the map. Combining that time with the ones spent in Battle Royale and Rocket Racing adds up to 50 minutes per day, granting a player between 2.325 to 2.475 levels. 

Overall, I’d prioritize the completion of Battle Royale and Rocket Racing dailies, only including Creative if you have time to spare. This, combined with the Weekly and Story missions found in Battle Royale, will definitely allow you to hit Tier 200 before the end of the season.

What else can I do?

'Fortnite': The Hard Truth About Levels (Guide)
Lego Fortnite / Image Courtesy of Epic Games

For those with more time on their hands, LEGO Fortnite can be extremely helpful in leveling up. For every 15 minutes of playtime, you earn 35K EXP and up to 420K EXP (3.0 hours), or 5.25 levels, per day. However, Fortnite Festival provides players with 39K XP for every 15 minutes of playtime, and up to 546K EXP after 3.5 hours of playtime. This results in 6.825 levels per day. Combining the two gives you 12.075 levels per day, which is a lot on paper as it means you must play 6.5 hours of Fortnite. (Note: you cannot AFK these game modes like you used to; you must ensure that you make some form of movement/input in the game every 15 minutes or risk getting kicked from the match)

Combining all the game modes together, we can see that a player can earn between 14.4 to 14.55 levels per day, at the cost of almost 7.5 hours of playtime. This will, of course, not work for everyone’s situation, but it is an option to consider, especially when the individual has a lot of free time.

Thanks for reading this guide, for more Fortnite content please feel free to check out some of our other articles and breakdowns here at Feature First. 

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