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Zanda Gubecka

David Fincher To Direct ‘Strangers’, Remake Of Hitchcock Classic

After success with 2023’s The Killer, David Fincher is back to direct another story riddled with death.

Dissecting The Politics Of ‘Civil War’

Now that Alex Garland’s latest feature, Civil War, is in theatres, audiences are left with questions surrounding what the war was fought over and what the consequences are.

2024 Cannes Film Festival Announced – What You Can Expect

One of the most prestigious film festivals of all time, Cannes, has announced their 2024 selection including films from directors such as George Miller, Kevin Costner, Yorgos Lanthimos and Francis Ford Coppola.

‘Joker: Folie à Deux’ Ends WB CinemaCon With A Bang

The first studio to hold a panel at CinemaCon 2024 is Warner Bros. and to make up for a mediocre 2023 for DC, a trailer for Joker: Folie à Deux was released.

‘The Walking Dead: Dead City’ Season 2 Has Begun Filming

After a successful first season, Season 2 of The Walking Dead: Dead City is currently under production in Boston. When & where? Find out now.

‘Dead Boy Detectives’ Episode Runtimes (Exclusive)

We can exclusively report the runtime for the new Dead Boy Detectives series streaming on Netflix April 25th.

‘Reacher’ Season 3 Working Title Revealed

Prime Video’s hit TV series Reacher has presumably finished filming its third season, and we have confirmation regarding the series to share.

What is ‘The Walking Dead’s Civic Republic? (Spoilers)

Find out what the Civic Republic is—its military and its surrounding characters from The Walking Dead shows.

The Forgotten Fifth Ghostbusters Film

Ghostbusters is one of the world’s most popular horror franchises but have you heard of its fifth canon film?

‘Road House’ Remake Review: A Kick-Ass Good Time

Doug Liman’s latest film, the remake of Rowdy Herrington’s cult classic Road House, is endearing… but does it live up to its predecessor?

‘Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire’ Review:  An Imperfect Storm

40 years after the first Ghostbusters film arrived in theatres, Gil Kenan has blessed the box office with a fifth film.

‘Imaginary’ Review: Could Anyone Imagine A Better Movie?

Jeff Wadlow’s new film, Imaginary, is everything wrong with the horror genre today. It is bland, franchisable, and something this film fundamentally shouldn’t be… unimaginative.

‘Ricky Stanicky’ Review: A Return to 90s Comedy Raunchiness

Peter Farrelly, who gained unprecedented levels of fame for working with comedy actors like Jim Carrey, has finally made his return to the funnyman genre.

New ‘Mickey Mouse Club’ Series In The Works (Exclusive)

We may see a new generation of stars as we can exclusively report that The Mickey Mouse Club is being rebooted for a fourth time.