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Chaitanya S

‘The Boys’ Season 4 Review: A Gyrating Season Skittering Out of Control

The Boys are back for the fourth season, with a nimbler and not-so-subtle political satire, yet a stronger story and well realised characters.

Top 10 Essential Albums of May 2024

In this musically loaded year, we decided to keep track of albums that shouldn’t be slept on at any cost, here are some of them.

‘The Sympathizer’ Review: HBO’s Glorious Return To Form

The duality of the narrator, torn between discretion and compassion towards his ideology drives the narrative of The Sympathizer.

‘Sugar’ Review: Fernando Meirelles Puts It Right On Our Tongue

Sugar breaks all conventional styles of filmmaking and paves the way for something wildly original and fresh. Find out why Sugar is one of the best shows of the year inside.

‘Shōgun’ Review: A Yardstick To Measure Visual Epics

A series that goes beyond the spectacle and becomes an epic in true sense. FX’s Shōgun is not a show to miss out on.

The Best Albums Of 2024 (So Far)

While this year started picayune in terms of quality movies and surprisingly quality television as well, it’s been a fantastic year for music from the get-go. We are only midway through April and the year is loaded with some great…

‘Ripley’ Review: A Fresh Reimagining of the Story We Know

Netflix’s Ripley provides a compelling tale of a nihilistic conman with an exquisite velvety black-and-white cinematography.