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Jack Raskovich

‘Cuckoo’ Review: A Movie That Earns Its Title

Tilman Singer’s 2024 film, Cuckoo, has so many aspects on paper that most would expect to ruin the movie, yet it made the experience more enjoyable.

‘I Saw The TV Glow’ Review: A Horrifying Identity Crisis

A movie so harrowing, disturbing and deeply person you’d have to see it for yourself, enter for a review of I Saw The TV Glow!

‘Sasquatch Sunset’ Review: A Crudely Poignant Journey

Sasquatch Sunset is a cinematic journey blending natural humor and heart against a vibrant backdrop of the Pacific Northwest.

‘Dune Part Two’ Review: A Once in a Lifetime Blockbuster

Director and co-writer Denis Villeneuve creates a once in a lifetime blockbuster with Dune: Part Two, adapted from Frank Herbert’s novel.

‘Madame Web’ Review: A Horribly Enjoyable Time

After Sony’s last attempt at making a Spider-Man movie without the titular character, Morbius, the studio is back and better than ever with 2024’s Madame Web.