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Vincent L

’Young Woman and the Sea’ Review: A Long Swim to Awards Season

Can Daisy Ridley swim her way to Oscar stardom in ‘Young Woman and the Sea’? Read our review to find out.

‘The Acolyte’ Premiere Review: A Much Needed Fresh Start

After years of projects stuck in the confines of the Skywalker Saga, Disney has finally broken free and released The Acolyte; Read our review.

‘Tales of the Empire’ Review: Too Short to be Meaningful

A show that seems as lost as its two protagonists, ‘Tales of the Empire’ is a mixed bag of both satisfying and weightless storytelling.

‘Rebel Moon – Part Two’ Review: An Overcompensation Of Failure

If you thought Part One was bad enough, Part Two doubles down on all the worst traits of its predecessor.

‘Immaculate’ Review: Weak Concept But Packed With Carnage

Sydney Sweeney turns in one of the most deranged performances of her career in Immaculate. An occult thriller produced by Neon.

‘The Fall Guy’ Review: A Love Letter to Filmmaking

The Fall Guy is about love for film production and love for all the stunt performers that put their lives on the line.

‘Rebel Moon’ Review: An Unwarranted Rip-Off

Rebel Moon heads in the complete opposite direction of originality and is instead a conglomerate of many tired sci-fi and fantasy tropes.

‘The Killer’ Review: An Electric Thriller With A Machiavellian Lead

David Fincher’s latest outing with Netflix is horrifyingly thrilling and technically precise.